Saturday, 27 May 2017

May Favourites

Hey Whisperers,

So I'm trying to keep these Monthly Favourite posts going so I'm here again today to do another favourites post. I only really have one major favourite this month so I've added in a few products I've been liking too. I don't know how this months post ended up all pink but i love it anyway so lets get into it.

May Favourites

I've never really been a pink eye-shadow kind of gal, but for some reason over the past few weeks I've fallen in love with this palette. I haven't used many of the darker shades in this palette because I've been trying to keep away from dark eye-shadow looks, but the lighter shades are incredible. 8/12 of the eye-shadows are shimmer which i love as they're super pigmented and they look amazing on the eye. For £4 it's an amazing palette and I definitely recommend it. 

Bed Head Cyberoptics Eyeshadow in Gold

I brought this shadow a few years ago from TKMaxx and I never really used it much, then a few weeks ago i wanted a golden shade for my cut crease and i fell in love. This shadow is so pigmented and shimmery its amazing, I do however think using it wet is better as it becomes so much more pigmented and easy to work with. I'm not too sure if they still make these shadows any more as i can't find a link for this one anywhere online. 

I'm the kind of girl that pretty much hoards lip balms, I don't know why but I buy them all the time so when i saw this one in Primark  i had to have it. This lip balm pretty much smells like Calpol and although some people might hate that i love it! Now i have linked the Superdrug website for this product as I couldn't find a link on Primark's website however, I do definitely recommend buying it from Primark as it only costs £2 there instead of the normal £4.99 from Superdrug. 

Now this perfume has been my main favourite this month. I went shopping a few weeks ago and as always i sprayed all the Primark sprays and i fell in love with this one. It smells just like summer to me. It's a nice fruity smell but at the same time it isn't too sweet which i love. The packaging of this product is also super cute (it reminds me of a watermelon even though its called Papaya) and for only £2 it's well worth picking up. 

I'd seen these Razors all over Instagram and I wanted to try them straight away, because lets be honest theirs nothing more irritating than plucking your eyebrows. It takes ages and then you either over pluck or end up with hairs that you missed and its just too much effort. I ordered these razors (a pack of 3) from for £1 which was amazing and they've made doing my eyebrows 10x faster and easier and i love them.

Hopefully next month I'll have some better favourites to show you guys!

What are your favourites this month?
Let me know down below!

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Testing Wish,com Makeup

Hey Whisperers,

Over the past few months I've been ordering a few things of the website , I've ordered things from the site before and although they do take quite a while to get here they've all been pretty good quality. One thing i hadn't tried much of however was the beauty section of the website, i had tried the odd makeup brush but never any of actual makeup products and so over the past few months I've ordered a few makeup products so that i can create this post, so lets get into it.

What is ? is an website and app where you can buy a variety of products from beauty to clothing and jewellery. From what i can tell the majority of the products come from China so they do take a considerable amount of time to arrive. To me i see the website as being another kind of EBay site just with fixed prices. The majority of the products are super cheap and although they aren't always the most incredible quality they are generally good products.

What I Got?

UBUB Honour Light Roast Eye Shadow 
£1 each

For £1 you can't really go wrong with these shadows. I didn't realise when ordering that i had ordered a blue shade which is a shame because i probably won't us it but it is still beautiful. The gold shade however it gorgeous and definitely one that I'm going to be using a lot. Both shadows are more pigmented than i imagined however they are quite chalky. Although only £1 they blend amazingly and they stay shimmery on the eye all day which i was quite impressed with. I definitely recommend them.

Yanoina Waterproof Eyeliner
£1 for 2

If you know me you know that I love my eyeliner, so when  I saw this pack of  2 waterproof eyeliners for £1 i knew i had to try them out. The first thing i noticed about these liners is that they're super pigmented, for the price i wasn't expecting them to be so black as cheaper liners tend to be more grey toned than black. The pen on these liners are also quite thin which is amazing when it comes to liner. Overall they've pretty much become one of my favourite liners that I own and them only being £1 makes them 10x better. I'm definitely going to be ordering more soon.

Glod Minimal Trendiga Tint My Brows Gel

I've seen products like this one on Instagram and YouTube so when i saw it on Wish i wanted to try it out. It is a lot different from how i expected it to be, it's quite thick and dark and although it says that it leaves your brows looking a dark brown it left mine looking a dark grey colour. However, it is supposed to stay on for a few days at least it came straight off when i used my toner on my face later in the night, which obviously isn't what you want do i was quite disappointing with it.

WOW Long Lasting Lip Colour in Romantic Bear 

I knew when i ordered this that it was a fake but i still wanted to try it out for this post. I did think that I had ordered a more pink shade but I received a orange shade. The smell of this lip product is so strange, it smells just like a lolly pop. It does take a little while to dry on the lips but it definitely leaves a strong stain behind so I'd definitely double check what shade you get because they are strong stains.

Waterproof Matte Nude Lipgloss in 07

Now I'm still not too sure on the colour or the feel of this lipstick. When i first saw it i loved the colour but on the lips it's a lot more pink than i thought. One thing i definitely don't like about this lipstick is how sticky it is once it has set and gone matte, i know you can solve this by just adding a little loose powder but it just doesn't feel the best on the lips. It is super long lasting and it definitely is waterproof so if the sticky finish doesn't bother you it is an alright product.


Top to Bottom

Waterproof Eyeliner
Brow Stain
Lip Stain
Waterproof Lipstick
Baked Shadows

Overall, Wish does have some good products and for the price it's definitely worth ordering some. When i was getting the links for these products they did have an offer on quite a few products that made them free so you just pay the postage which for most of the products is amazing as postage tends to only be between £1 and  £2 a product! If you'd like to see more posts like this let me know!

Have you ever tried anything from
Let me know in the comments down below!

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Summer Wishlist

Hey Whisperers,

About a month ago i did my spring wishlist and i loved writing that post so much that i decided to write another one, this time i'm going to be talking about my Summer Wishlist. Because i do have quite a few other things on my wishlist I might do another one of these posts later on in the summer so if that is something you want to see let me know!

My Summer Wishlist

If you've read my blog before, you'll know that I'm pretty much as pale as a ghost. So when i saw this product on a recent NikkiTutorials video i knew that i wanted to look into getting it. However, at £24.50 i don't want to rush and order it online in case i don't like it, so I'm going to wait until I can go into store and swatch it. I love the original Hoola but because I'm super pale I have to use a super light hand or i just end up looking like a orange mess.

I've seen these shadows all over Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for a while now and i love the look of them. I would love to get one of them but a like the Hoola bronzer i can't just buy it online because at £33.50 it is a very expensive purchase for what it is. Makeup Revolution did used to have a dupe but i think that they have been discontinued as I can't find them anywhere. This shade is absolutely gorgeous and it's the kind of thing I'd use a lot, i just want to swatch it first. 

I saw this highlighter on Jeffree Star's channel and it looked incredible. If you know me you know i love highlighters and this one looks like one I'd love. The only problem with this product is that it's only available in America which sucks but hopefully I'll be able to find it somewhere online that ships to the UK.

I saw this top online a few days ago and i fell in love, it looks so nice. I'm going shopping today so I'm hoping that I'll be able to find it in store, which seems rare. I do wish that they would open an online store it would make everything so much easier. It is quite cheap at £10 too which is always a plus. 

Nothing feels better than getting into a bed with fresh new bedding on, each season i try to change up my bedding obviously i can't always change it but i do try. I saw this bedding in store about a week ago an i hated it, but the more i thought about changing my bedding the more i loved it. It definitely screams summer to me, with the palm leaves and pink it's perfect. Hopefully i can find it in store soon because i love it.

I do have a 101 other things I'd love to try and buy this summer but if i named them all I'd end up with a never ending post so I'm going to stop here.

Whats on your summer wishlist?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Dream Flat

Hey Whisperers,

Over the past few weeks I've seen quite a few of these kinds of posts on my twitter and i love them. I don't know what it is about looking at flats and houses online but i love it. So when i saw this series on LifeWithKtkinnes blog i knew i wanted to do something similar. Over on Katie's blog she talks through her dream flat room by room (read her series here) which I'm obsessed with by the way and so today i thought I'd write a post on my dream flat. So i hope you enjoy.

My Dream Flat


One thing I've always wanted in a flat is an open plan kitchen and living space. There's just something about having an open living space that i love so that played a big part in the 'design' of my layout. I also wanted to have two bedrooms, one that i would keep as my room and another that i would make into an office. Last but not least i also wanted 2 bathrooms. If you know me then you know that i have a tonne of bath products and in turn i struggle to keep a bathroom clean, so I'd love to have two bathrooms one for me to use and another that i can actually keep clean for guests. 


Living Room 

One thing i want my whole apartment to be is bright, with light colours, white grey and cream, and i want it to be open. In the living room I want a big fabric sofa with room to seat at least 5 people. I'd love some kind of shelves so that I can put all my little bits and bobs on display, my pictures with friends and family, plants and books. I think it looks so nice and you can never have enough room for all the little bits and bobs that we have. 


Just like the living room, i want the kitchen to be super open. One thing i want throughout the apartment is wooden floors too, they're super easy to clean (which I'd need because as soon as i move out I'm getting a dog) so that would be a must. The picture is pretty much what i want in a kitchen however, i would want wood counters instead of white, not for practicality but just because i love the way they look. I would also want the kitchen to have a breakfast bar area (i think that's what they're called) because although i love sitting down at a table and eating as a group I don't want a dining table in my flat, that way I'd have more room. 


I've been looking at bedrooms on Pintrest for months so this decision was easy for me to make. My dream room is pretty much a pastel pink,blue or purple and white theme. I'd love a double bed with white simple bedding. One thing i want to incorporate into my room is some rose gold and also a lot of artwork (most of which I'd get from DorkFace on Etsy). I also want a lot of light in my room and also throughout the flat, it's easy to take blog pictures with. I'd also have a TV, I have one at the moment and I love it, i can't sleep without sound so having a TV is a must. 


I love open bathrooms with clean white toilets, baths and sinks. They're just so pretty and calming. I don't know if I'd want my bathroom to be this big, but i do want to have room to move around. One thing I'd definitely have in my en-suite is a bath, if you know me you know that i love Lush products so i would have to have a bath in my en-suite.  One thing i would want that isn't in this picture is more storage, as i previously said i have a lot of bath products so I'd need somewhere to store them. 


Just like my bedroom i want to incorporate a lot of gold and rose gold into my 'office' which honestly i cringe saying. It would be more like a blogging room. A room where i had area's set up for blogging pictures, a desk that i could sit at and write posts instead of writing in bed where i just end up watching TV . I'd also love a sofa in my office so that friends could come and join me when I'm blogging. I also think that sometimes you just need to take a break and chill out instead of forcing yourself to work and i think having a sofa to just take a break on would be good too.  I would also have the sofa be a sofa bed so that i could have friends come and stay too.


Last but not least is the guest bathroom. Like my room it would have a bath and shower combo so that anyone staying over could feel comfortable. Something i love when watching Zoella's blog is the small tray that she puts together for people staying over so I'd also love doing that with a tray of their favourite bath products ect. I don't really mind what the guest bathroom looks like as long as its crisp an clean as I'd probably just stick to using my en-suite instead.  

I would love my dream flat, but i know that it's something that won't be happening until very far in the future, but it was fun looking. I of course have to thank Katie for giving me the idea for this so of course check out her series on her blog because it's amazing!

What would your dream flat look like?
Let me know in the comments down below!

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

40+ Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Hey Whisperers,

Since I started blogging a little over a year a go  i've been through quite a few stages of being completely lost for ideas and being stuck with the thing that all bloggers dread. Writers Block, Although for the most part, being a blogger is amazing you do have periods where you just have no ideas, no inspiration and it is so incredibly frustrating, so today I decided to create a list of blog posts so to help get those creative thoughts going! I hope it helps.

40+ Beauty Blog Post Ideas 

1- Whats In My Makeup Bag
2- How Much Is My Face Worth
3- My Favourite Makeup Trends Right Now
4- Product Reviews
5- Product Hit's and Misses
6- Monthly Favourites
7- My Favourite Beauty Blogs/ Channels
8- Makeup Tutorials
9- Unboxing Posts 
10- YouTube / Blogs Made Me Do It
11- Makeup Dupes
12- Makeup Wishlists
13- Your Favourite Etsy Stores/ Smaller Brands
14-  Makeup Empties 
15- Nighttime Routine
16- Morning Routine
17- Colour Focus- All Things Pink
18- How I Organise My Makeup 
19- My Makeup Collection
20- My Go To Products
21- What I Pack For My Holiday - Makeup Bag
22- Best At The Drug Store
23- Worth The Splurge
24- DIY Beauty Treatments
25- Testing Social Media Trends - Feather Brows, Kylie Lip Kits etc.
26- Date Night Makeup Look
27- Star Inspired Makeup Look
28- Beauty Hacks
30- DIY Gifts

Although this post is focused on Beauty Blog Posts it's also important to show a bit of yourself, your personality and also some tips on your blog so I thought I would add these posts in too!

1- Photography Tips
2- What I Use For Blogging Props
3- Blogging Expectations VS Reality
4- 10 Thing About Me
5- Day In The Life 
6- Write My Life/ Draw My Life
7- My Life In Pictures
8- Collabs 
9- Tags - This Time Next Year Tag, Disney Tag etc. 
10- Giveaways 
11- Bucketlists
12- Q & A
13- Vision Boards
14- What I've Learned During My  (First 6 Months, Year etc)  Of Blogging
15- My Blogging Routine.

I hope this post can help you if you've been looking for some ideas for your posts! 

Thanks for Reading,
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Birchbox Unboxing - May 2017

Hey Whisperers,

Another month, another Birchbox. I honestly don't know where the last month has gone it feels like just yesterday that i was sitting down and writing last months Birchbox post. I've been quite impressed with the boxes so far so i'm hoping that this months box is going to be just as good! So lets get into it.

Birchbox Unboxing - May 2017

What is Birchbox?

If you're new to Birchbox, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that you receive each month with 5 products to try out. The products can range from sample size to full size and they also range in price. All products in the box can be found on the Birchbox website where the box is purchased for £12.95 each month. This month Birchbox has introduced a new scheme called Birchbox Benefits, where after 6 months of being subscribed, you become a Birchbox VIP meaning you get the first chance to pick a product or the design of your box each month. As a  Birchbox VIP you also get 15% off everything in the Birchbox shop with it a pretty good deal for just being subscribed. 

What I Got This Month 

RRP - £18

If you've been a reader of my blog for awhile you'll know that I have a serious mascara obsession, so when i saw this in my box i got super excited. Now i do love the effect that this mascara has on my lashes, but the brush is insanely big which makes it so difficult to put on. I don't know if it's just me being clumsy but i ended up with it on my nose, cheek and eyelid which i never get with regular mascaras. I think if it was a full size product and the weight was more balanced i wouldn't have had such a problem but with the tester size it was super difficult to use. 

RRP - £25

One thing i love about Birchbox is being able to try out different skincare products, this liquid exfoliant looks like one that I'm going to love. Now if you know me you know that i have acne prone skin so anything with Salicylic acid in is amazing. Something that i have found with products like this is that they pretty much smell like nail polish remover which, although isn't super important, is something i thought i would mention. This sample is quite generous for a face product so i will hopefully be able to test it out quite a bit. 

RRP- £18.50

Now although I do absolutley love this brand it is one that Birchbox have sent out not to long ago in Novembers box. Last time i received a Protect and Detangle spray and this time it's a Volumizing spray. If they hadn't sent out this brand before i would have been quite excited as it smells absolutely incredible but it is something they seem to be sending out quite regularly. Apart from it being a brand repeat, it is a good sample size for a spray and it does last quite a while. Plus as i previously mentioned it smells absolutely incredible. 

RRP £27

Whish alike Beauty Protector is another brand I've received, this time in Octobers box. For me i don't really have a use for a Firming Body Cream as i pretty much just use coconut oil as a moisturiser so I'm not going to be getting much use out of this product however, it is a pretty good sized sample size. I did try some of it out on my arm and it did feel quite tightening which was pretty nice, I'm not sure if I'm going to use it again but it does work quite well.

RRP - £14.49 Full Size

I was super excited when i saw that this month's box was going to have a full sized eye shadow, i didn't see my email in time so i didn't get to pick the shade which i regret as i would have loved the lighter shade. I'm pretty much a neutral eye kind of gal, so i have pretty much no use for this shadow. My shadow also came unsealed so quite a bit of the product was inside of the inside of the little box it came in which kind of sucked. The shade i got was Fifty Shades which i can only describe as a metallic gun metal shade. It is super pretty so hopefully i can find a good use for it. The price of this shadow does cover the entire price of the box too which is amazing. 

Total RRP For This Month's Box 


Overall, I'm not overly excited about this months box. It does have some good products but I'm pretty much only going to use 2-3 out of the 5 products. I think that I'm going to alter the settings on my account as i have been receiving quite a few haircare products that I don't really use.  

As always I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Are you subscribed to Birchbox?
 If so did you get anything different in your box this month? 
Let me know in the comments down below!

If you want to try out Birchbox make sure to use my link to get £5 off your first box making it just £7.95!

Thanks for Reading,

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

PS.. Pure Glow Review

Hey Whisperers,

If you know me you now that I'm a huge highlighting fan, so when i came across the PS... Pure Glow Palette in Primark this week i knew i had to get it. I've been looking at getting the Anastasia Glow Kits for quite a while now and this one seems to be a pretty good affordable option! So lets get into the review!

PS.. Pure Glow Palette


The Packaging of this palette is absolutely gorgeous. I don't know what it is about marble packaging but it just makes any product look so elegant and high end. The inside of this palette is also gorgeous with a metallic rose gold sheet around the pans which mixed with the marble makes the palette look even more amazing. The palette also has a magnet in it which keeps it closed which if you've been here a while you'll know, you'll know that this is something i love in makeup products. Being clumsy i drop a lot of my palettes and they do tend to break so these magnetic palettes keep my products together for a lot longer which is always great. 


One thing i loved most about this palette is the variety of shades. For £5 you get 4 shades, each with 7g of product. As a pale ghost i will only be able to use 3 out of the 4 shades in the palette as a highlighter, but for just £5 i decided to get it anyway. In the palette you get a white shade names Desert, a Golden Champagne called Glimmer, a Peachy shade called Eden and a Golden shade called Firefly. Each shade name pretty much fits the shade perfectly which i love, For a palette of this price i do love how different each shade is, my usual drugstore highlighters cost around £3 each and most of them, although marketed as different, are pretty much the same shade when applied to the skin but just looking at these i an already tell that, that isn't going to be the case.


I was actually quite surprised with how pigmented these highlighters were, They're all super soft, which i also didn't expect and they feel amazing on the skin. As i previously said I'm pretty sure that there's no way I'll be able to use the darkest shade Fire-fly as a highlighter but I'm definitely going to be using it as an eye shadow because it's absolutely gorgeous. Now the other three shades are absolutely stunning, the lightest shade Desert is absolutely gorgeous it pretty much pure white shade which i think would look amazing on the inner corner. The next shade down, Glimmer is pretty much my favourite shade in the palette, it's pretty much my skin tone which i love, it's super shimmery but it isn't at all glittery which is rare in more affordable highlighters. Last of all, Eden, this shade is absolutely beautiful, it's super pigmented and it has such a gorgeous colour in the light, it's pretty much rose gold and I'm obsessed.

Overall, i am super impressed with this palette, for £5 it has an incredible range of shades and each shade is not only different but they are all very pigmented and definitely worth trying out. I found this palette in my local Primark store so it should definitely be in stock still! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Thanks for Reading,
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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Treasured Blogs #1

Hey Whisperers,

As a Blogger, I obviously love writing my posts but I love reading other blogs too. Over the past year or so I've fallen in love with so many incredible blogs and after being features in A Pearly Dreams favourite blogs I was inspired to write my own post on my favourite blogs. I of course have to 100% credit Rachel for giving me the inspiration for this post so make sure you head over to her incredible blog and check out her posts! So lets get into it!

Treasured Blogs #1

Rachel, the inspiration behind this post and also the creator of one of my current favourite blogs. I found Rachel's blog when she tagged my blogging community page (here) and as soon as i read one post i was hooked. Rachel's blog is so full of positivity and it's just such a nice blog to read. Another thing i am in absolute awe of is Rachel's photography! If you've been here a while you'll know that I still can't get to grips with photography and I do struggle a bit with it so when i read Rachel's blog i am just in complete awe of how amazing her photography is! Of course she is the main reason I'm writing this post so make sure you check out her blog here

Morgan's blog was one of the first that I ever read when I still read it to this day. Morgan is such a lovely, caring and supportive person and her blog has helped me so much when it comes to blogging. Morgan has a whole section of her blog dedicated to 'Blogger Chatter' and let me just tell you, it is a lifesaver. Looking at Morgan's blog you would have no clue that she is just 14, she is so incredibly talented and I am in constant awe of how incredible her blog is. Morgan's blog is just so versatile and it pretty much has something for everyone. Morgan is also a super talented photographer, like seriously, her pictures are absolutely amazing. I did a collaboration with Morgan and a few other bloggers not too long ago so click here to read that here and of course check out her incredible blog here.

The Life Of A Glasgow Girl

Jordanne is possibly one of the most kind bloggers i have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Jordanne's blog has a bit of everything from Beauty to Lifestyle and also Parenting (her son is the most adorable little boy ever by the way). Jordanne's blog is just such a fun packed page and I'm completely obsessed with it. Jordanne also co-runs BloggersTribe over on twitter, a blogging community that helps Bloggers share their posts. I've been reading Jordanne's blog for around a year now and I won't be stopping anytime soon, of course check her blog here and make sure you follow BloggersTribe on Twitter too!

Georgia's Beauty Box

When it comes to Georgia i am a little biased but her blog is one of my all time favourites. Knowing Georgia in real life and knowing how much work she has put into her blog just makes me love it even more. Georgia's blog is all about everything Beauty, it has some incredible product reviews and i am 110% obsessed with her photography too. Georgia is taking a break from blogging a the moment but i definitely recommend checking out some of her posts because they're incredible, some of my favourites being her Glossybox Unboxings and also her Monthly Favourite posts! I absolutely love Georgia's photography and I am so proud of how far her blog has come in the last year and I can't wait for her to return to blogging.

I again want to thank A Pearly Dream for not only being the inspiration behind this post but for also including me in her favourite bloggers!

Do you have any favourite bloggers?
If so let me know in the comments down below!

As Always,
Thanks for Reading,

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