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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Song Of The Week #13

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Song Of The Week #13
Hey Whisperers,

This weeks song of the week is a song that i have pretty much been listening to none stop since it was released  on Tuesday. This post is kind of like a throwback considering this artist was the first person i wrote a song of the week about. So let's get into the post!

This Week's Song of The Week is How Would You Like It by Lauren Aquilina 

If you've been here awhile then you know I have an undying love for Lauren's music. I have been listening to her music for years. there is just something about her voice that I can't help but love. It is so different yet so perfect at the same time and I think this song showcases that. 

One of my favourite things about this song is how she performed it. The whole performance is so raw and beautiful that you can just see the emotions when she sings. This song itself to me is just an amazing song, the lyrics are so honest and pure that the first time I heard it i wanted to cry. I think the way this song has been performed added a lot to the emotions but I think that even if it was just a song on a disc it would still have so much meaning. 

Obviously i am a bit biased when it comes to Lauren because I am such a huge fan of hers but I am pretty sure that everyone who hears this song can relate in some way which for me just makes it all more special. 

Favourite Lyrics

"How would you like it, if I tore you up into pieces, tell me how would you like it"

"Who said I didn’t have the strength to leave? Who"

"Well I’m saying I will be the one to choose, I’m saying I won’t be the one who’s used, Hope you remember everything you loose"

I hope you enjoyed this week's song of the week!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Summer Reading List- Paper Town Book Review

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Summer Reading List- Paper Town Book Review

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome to another one of my summer reading list book reviews. It's been a while since i wrote one of these posts so bare with me, things probably won't be perfect. Anyways, this week I will be reviewing John Green's book Paper Towns.

I first heard of Paper Towns when I was buying Looking For Alaska (read that book review here), i never really knew how i felt about the storyline of the book but in the end i decided to get it anyway. Paper Towns is a book about a boy who falls in love with a girl after a mysterious night out together., the girl then disappears and the book kind of becomes a search for her. 

Most people know the book from the film which was released mid summer last year, however for some reason i never got around to watching it and instead I read the book. Obviously I don't want to give away too much of the plot but this book is definitely an 'on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next' kind of book. There are so many different twists and turns that you can't help becoming obsessed with the storyline. For me I love piecing together clues so you enjoy that too i would highly suggest this book.

I know that some of you may be more on the younger side so I do have to say this book, alike most of John Green's books does have quite a bit of  swearing and some sexual references are made. For me i didn't really care because let's face it it's just life but I know that some people like to avoid books with those theme in. The book does also have it's fair share of 'suicide' talk with one of the first things in the book being the two main characters finding a dead body of a man who killed himself and later on speculation of suicide when it comes to one of the characters. 

For me I would definitely recommend this book. The twists and turns in the plot just pull you in and you can't put the book down and for me that is the perfect book. It isn't the longest book (320 pages) but it is still a great read.



★ - I wouldn't suggest this book
★★ - It was an ok book
★★★- It was a good book but it was nothing special
★★★★- It was a good book
★★★★★- It was a great book and i would definitely recommend it

Favourite Quotes

“Talking to a drunk person was like talking to an extremely happy, severely brain-damaged three-year-old.” 

“As long as we don't die, this is gonna be one hell of a story.”

"maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.” 

“Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will”

I hope you enjoyed this weeks book review!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter - Product Review

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I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter - Product Review

Hey Whisperers, 

What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a product review. I am completely in love with highlighters, which if you've been here you probably know, so the other day when I saw this product in Superdrug I couldn't not get it. The product that I am talking about is the I Heart Makeup Goddess Of Love Triple Baked Highlighter in Golden Goddess. 


Now the packaging is probably the only thing i don't like about this product. I love the heart shape to this product and i do think it is incredibly cute, however the cardboard box that holds the product itself is so, flimsy and cheap feeling that i just don't like it. When you hold the lower half of the box you can hear the plastic inside scraping against the cardboard which personally i hate, it is like a squeaky sound and it just drives me insane. 

Another thing i don't love about the packaging is how long lasting it is going to be. I have only had this product for just under a week and it is already showing signs of wear just from being in my makeup bag, which kinda sucks.

The Product

This highlighter is probably one of the most beautiful highlighters I have ever seen. It is a beautiful cream colour with a golden sheen to it and it is absolutely beautiful. The product is quite powdery however once applied to the skin it blends right into my skin and looks amazing. 

The pigmentation of this highlighter is insane. When it comes to most drugstore highlighters it takes quite a few layers to show on the skin however with this one one layer is more than enough. 


The price of this product is insane for the quality. This highlighter costs £4.99 which is more than some other highlighters from brands such as MUA or Revolution however, the quality of this product is well worth the price. 

Overall I would highly recommend this product, it is a beautiful golden highlight and it is such a good price. You can only order I Heart Makeup through Superdrug online or in store or through Makeup Revolution's website I do suggest either getting it on Superdrug's website or in store because I did have a few problems last time i ordered from the Makeup Revolution website (read about that here).

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourite drugstore highlighter is down below!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Buy This Product Here-

Friday, 22 July 2016

Where Have I Been

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Where Have I Been
Hey Whisperers. 

It's been awhile since I've posted and i don't really know why. Things have just got really busy lately and finding time to write posts has become harder. Don't get me wrong I love this blog, I love writing posts for you guys but sometimes it's just not as easy as sitting down and just writing. So much more goes into writing a post. Planning it, taking photos, writing it, re reading and editing it, linking it, scheduling and labelling it. A Lot of work goes into each post i write. 

Over the past two weeks I have just taken time to be a teenager, I've been working a lot, I've been going out more and it has been great but i have really missed blogging. I have loved my short break from blogging but I'm ready to get back to it. Starting Tuesday I will be back, so stick around because there's a lot of posts to come.

You haven't seen the last of me yet.

Thanks For Reading,
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Makeup Beginners Shopping List

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Makeup Beginners Shopping List

Hey Whisperers,

After last weeks post on my makeup tricks and tips for makeup beginners i thought that i would create a makeup shopping list for people just starting out in makeup. I hope you enjoy this post.

 Makeup Beginner's Shopping List

 L'Oreal True Match Foundation

This foundation is definitely my favourite drugstore foundation. This foundation allows you to create a medium/natural coverage but also allows you build it up too full coverage. Obviously at £9.99 it isn't the most affordable foundation at the drugstore but i do think it is the best. If you are looking for something a little cheaper the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is also a great alternative. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is without a doubt the best drugstore concealer. It has amazing coverage and blends out amazingly. And obviously for only £4.19 it is a great price. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I'm pretty sure that this is the most popular drugstore powder. I have been using this powder since i started doing makeup and I still use it to this day. It sets foundation amazingly and keeps your face matte for hours and for only £3.99 it's a makeup must have.

 Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Goddess

I brought this palette a few weeks ago and i think it is perfect for makeup beginners. You get 4 blushes and 4 highlighters. Each blush is different which allows you experiment with which shade will suit you most and the highlights are just beautiful and go with pretty much any look. For £6.00 this palette is a definite makeup must have for me. 

Seventeen Define and Conquer Palette

Now although i don't think that bronzer is a must when starting out in makeup i thought i would add this product just in case you want to try our bronzer. This palette is pretty much my everyday bronzer palette. The bronzer isn't too orange and it blends amazingly for £5.99 it is definitely worth a try.

Freedom Pro 32 Innocent Collection Eyeshadow Palette

I got this palette free when i spent £15 on Freedom cosmetics and it has become one of my favourite palettes. This palette is perfect for beginners because it gives you a range of matte, shimmer, dark and light shades. I think this palette is great for experimenting with, it has incredible pigmentation and for £8 it is insanely cheap. 

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner

Now alike the bronzer i don't think that liquid liner is a must for makeup beginners at all. It is frustrating, annoying and harder than it looks but like the bronzer i thought i would suggest one anyway. I love the Maybelline Master Precise liner because is it so easy to use. The felt tip pen is so slim that it makes applying the liner so much easier and for £5.99 it is quite affordable. However if you want a cheaper option just to practise with the MUA Eye Define Felt Liner is also a great deal for only £2.00.

Collection Extreme Coloured Length Mascara

This mascara is probably one of my favourite mascaras from the drugstore. Not only is it an amazing price for £2.99 but it lengthens and separates the lashes better than some high end mascaras i have used. For me mascara is a must when wearing makeup so i highly suggest getting one when you first start doing makeup.

Personally, i think when starting out in makeup brows are probably one of the most common areas that people either over do or mess up. Because of this instead of going for the full on fleeky brows from the get go i suggest going to get them waxed and then use a coloured brow gel like this one from L'Oreal which for £5.99 is amazing.

Freedom Bare Lipstick Colours

When starting out in makeup i think sticking to the neutral colours for lips is probably the best idea, because they are so easy to do. I love these Freedom lipsticks (review here) because for £5 you get 5 different colours. If you don't want to just use nudes you can always look at the MUA Lipsticks which you can buy separately for £1 each.  Obviously these lipsticks aren't going to be the same quality as say Mac but getting cheaper lipsticks will allow you to decide what colours suit your skin tone and personality without having to spend £16 a lipstick. I would also suggest getting a nude lip liner my favourite is MUA's Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat 

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Controlling Fixing Spray

Setting sprays can help save any makeup look. Like is said in my tips and tricks post, i have more than once gone a bit overboard with the face powders and setting spray has saved the day. The setting spray not only helps to absorb some of the excess powder but it also helps to create a barrier on top of your makeup making it last longer. This £5 Makeup Revolution setting spray is a great setting spray for everyday use because it does also help control oils. This setting spray is one of my favourite setting sprays because I do have quite oily skin my other favourite being the Avon MagiX Prime and Set Spray

Price of all of these products combined:


1 Foundation
1 Concealer
1 Powder
4 Blushers
4 Shimmer Highlighters
1 Bronzer
1 Matte Highlighter
32 Eyeshadows
1 Liquid Liner
1 Mascara
1 Eyebrow Gel/Plumper
5 Lipsticks
1 Setting Spray

I know that looking at that price it looks like a lot but when you consider how much you get it's insane compared to high end prices where sometimes even one eyeshadow palette can cost the same amount. I hope this post has helped you if you're just starting out in makeup or even if you're just looking for some new products.

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Song of The Week #12

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Song of The Week #12
Hey Whisperers.

This weeks song of the week is probably my most played song of the whole of last month. I never really listened to it constantly until this week and so I always found another song came before it when i was writing Song of The Week but this week it has definitely been my most played song.

This Week's Song Of The Week is Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra

I don't really know when I first heard this song, knowing me it was probably when I was letting YouTube auto play songs. I don't know what it is about this song but I am so in love with it. The lyrics are both heartbreaking and beautiful and I honestly think it's one of the best songs I've heard.

Listening to the song it is obvious it is a love song but there is something so different about it, whether it's the two sides being told or just the voices of the singers it really is incredible. I first heard of Alex and Sierra when they were on the American X-Factor and I thought their voices were incredible but this song is just so much more. 

I love the separate parts of this song, obviously i love their voices together too, but i love the two sides of the story that are told through their solos. My favourite part of this song does have to be Sierra's opening, it is just so powerful and emotional that it just makes me love it. The song is just so powerful that i can't help but be obsessed with it. 

Favourite Lyrics

"I'm ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight"

"Little do you know all my mistakes are slowly drowning me, little do you know I'm trying to make it better piece by piece"

I hope you enjoyed this weeks song of the week! I can't believe I've been doing these for 3 months already time flies!!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Summer Reading List - Looking For Alaska Book Review

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Summer Reading List - Looking For Alaska Book Review

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome to another one of my summer reading list book reviews. I really enjoyed reviewing Girl Online last week (read that post here) and so over the past week I've been reading Looking For Alaska by John Green and today I'm going to be reviewing it for you guys.

When I first got this book I got it as a recommendation from my best friend Natalie (read her blog here), it's always good to have a best friend who geeks out over books just as much as you, and as soon as i read the blurb i knew i was going to love it. I have read this book before so I obviously already knew the ending but for me the emotions were just as good as the first time i read it.

Obviously i don't want to give away the plot of the book because i don't want to spoil it for you if you haven't already read it but all i can say is it is a whirlwind of emotions. I think reading a book about someone your age makes the whole reading journey completely different. You can relate more to the characters and understand more of the feelings than you can of someone older or younger than you and i think that i felt that a lot when reading this book.

I have a lot of love for each character in this book but i do think that Colonel has to be my favourite character. He is just so blunt, strange and funny that he is just impossible not to love. I do also obviously love Pudge because he is just so adorable and fun loving but he is also just so honest and ratable. Another thing I love about Pudge is his 'talent' of knowing people's last words, although it is a very strange talent to have i find it so interesting to read throughout the book.

I can't really say too much about this book without ruining the plot so all I'm going to say is that it is for sure a roller coaster of emotions from the moment you open the book to the minute it closes. The book although full of a lot of emotions is great to read and has so many funny moments that i can't even count them all I would definitely recommend giving this book a read. 

Time To Rate It!


★ - I wouldn't suggest this book
★★ - It was a ok book
★★★- It was a good book but nothing special
★★★★- It was a good book 
★★★★★- It was a great read I would definitely recommend it 

Favourite Quotes

“It always shocked me when I realised that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things.”

“I just did some calculations and I've been able to determine that you're full of shit.” 

“If people were like rain, I was like drizzle and she was a hurricane.” 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks book review!

Thanks for Reading
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Makeup Tips and Tricks For Makeup Beginners

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My Makeup Tips and Tricks For Makeup Beginners

Hey Whisperers,

Although I am no makeup pro over the past few years I have picked up a few tips and tricks while doing my own makeup and watching others do theirs. Starting in makeup can be quite daunting if you have never worn it before, there are so many different products out there that knowing which ones to buy, which ones to avoid and even how to apply them and so today i thought i would do a quick post on my makeup tips and tricks for makeup beginners!

Makeup Tips for Makeup Beginners 

Don't Over Buy

 This is one thing i have seen a lot with people who are starting out in makeup. Now I know it is easy to walk into a store and want everything you see, but honestly when you're first starting out you don't need it all. I would suggest starting with the basics;  Foundation, Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, Mascara and Brows. 

Think Cheap

Starting out in makeup you don't need to have all the high end products. While getting to grips with makeup you are going to mess up a bit and using high end products, although they are great, is going to end up in a lot of wasted money. I would suggest sticking to drugstore products, they're a lot cheaper and most of them are the same quality as high end products so wasting a little bit of them is a lot more cost effective than using high end alternatives.

Think Basic  

Now i know it's easy to go online and see all the new trends and wanting to try them but when starting out in in makeup it's probably best to stick to the basics. At least in the beginning anyway. 

Be Patient

Contouring, winged eyeliner, fleeky brows, perfect lips, they all take some time to perfect so don't get frustrated if they don't turn out right the first time. Believe me pretty much everyone who has ever worn makeup went through the beginners stage. Where their foundation didn't match their skin and their eyeshadow looked like something someone as Cirque Du Soleil would wear but practise really does make perfect.


One thing that a lot of people forget when it comes to starting out in makeup is the makeup tools you'll need. I would suggest starting out with some cheaper brushes from Primark or even a set from EBay (link here to some i own). A lot of people do start out applying things such as foundation with their hands but personally i don't really think that is hygienic so i do suggest getting some brushes and maybe a good blending sponge for your foundation (check out my favourite blending sponge here)


Practising is probably the biggest piece of advice i could give you. Even though I have been doing my makeup for around 6 years now I still practise my makeup. I love trying out new looks and new trends when I have nothing to do and I've found some of my most worn makeup looks by doing that. Practising really does help when it comes to makeup so i suggest practising a lot. 

Makeup Tricks for Makeup Beginners

Tape Eyeliner

Using tape on the side of your eye can help you create a perfectly straight line for your eyeliner. It can also help create a crisp line of your eyeshadow which looks amazing. Before using the tape always stick it to the back of your hand first so it isn't too harsh on the eyes.

Set It

Getting a good setting spray can change a whole look. I have found myself looking like a complete chalk board one too many times when I've applied too much powder to so getting a good setting spray is one of my top tips. Using a setting spray after all your powders, but before your highlight helps absorb a lot of that excess powder. I always apply my highlighter after because i find that setting sprays kind of dull the highlight. 

Spoon It

If like me, you can't apply bottom mascara without making yourself look like a panda, a plastic spoon is going to be your new makeup best friend. Placing the spoon facing downward below the bottom lash line with your lashes on top helps you to get that perfect bottom lash mascara without the panda eyes. It also helps to get a thicker coat which is always great. 

Dried Out

One makeup that dries out incredibly fast is mascara. You are supposed to change your mascara every 4 months, for obvious hygiene reasons, but most mascaras tend to dry up much faster. To fix this all you have to do is add a few drops of any eye drops to the mascara tube and shake the tube. This re hydrates the product and is completely safe for the eyes because of the eye drops.

Foundation Match

When matching a foundation in store always match it to your neck not your cheek. Your neck is less exposed to the sun than your face so matching your foundation to your neck will give you a more true shade than say your hand or cheek.

Recycled Spoolie 

You can always use a spoolie. They're like the bobby pins of the makeup world, there one day missing the next. When you're finished with a mascara clean off the wand using soap, makeup cleaner and water, once cleaned leave them to dry and then you have a brand new, perfectly clean spoolie. I've done this a lot with my old makeup wands and to be honest i prefer the mascara wands to the store bought spoolies. 

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you! If you have any makeup tricks let me know down below!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Cheap Makeup Storage Ideas

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Cheap Makeup Storage Ideas

Hey Whisperers,

So a few months ago i did a post on how is store my makeup (read that post here) and i loved writing it. However i do realise that the draws i use to store my makeup are quite expensive and aren't easily available for everyone and so I have came up with these 5 cheap makeup storage ideas.

Makeup Bag

Now this is probably the most basic way to store makeup. If you have a small collection of makeup a makeup bag usually works. One of my favourite places to buy makeup bags is Primark, they have so many fun little bags but they also have some larger bags which hold a lot of makeup. 

Clear Plastic Drawers

If you still want to store your makeup in draws, these clear plastic draws are amazing. Before i got my draws from IKEA i kept my makeup in draws like this for around 2 years until i had way too much makeup to fit in them. However you can fit a lot of makeup in these draws and it makes it a lot easier to find products.

Acrylic Holders

I had been looking for a cheap version of these acrylic organisers for ages and when I saw this  one in TKMaxx for £4 i was so happy. However when i went to Primark they had the exact same organiser for £2 which is insane considering these are normally £5-£10 each. They also have a two draw organiser which i am going to get next time i go shopping. These organisers are so good for storing lipsticks, powders, mascaras and they don't take up much room at all.

Pencil Pots

You can pretty much find a pencil pot at any craft store and even most supermarkets and they are the best thing to keep brushes in. You can see all of the brushes while still keeping them all in one place. Pencil pots also don't take up much space which is great if you don't have a lot of space. 


Last of all you can just use a pretty tray to display your makeup. I know that this isn't great for everyone but if you don't have much room for draws then a tray is a great idea for storing your makeup because it is all together in one place but still looks pretty. 

I hope this post helped you if you're looking for some new makeup storage ideas! 

Thanks for Reading
Soph xoxo

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Song of The Week #11

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Song of The Week #11
Hey Whisperers, 

This weeks song of the week is a song I've loved for quite awhile. For those of you who have been here for awhile know I love YouTube and so when one of my favourite YouTubers started releasing music I of course loved it and i hope you will too.

This weeks Song of The Week is Like A Lion by Bryan Lanning

When Bryan first released this song i was completely obsessed and as per usual i fell in love with another song and it kind of got added to the long playlist of my favourite songs. This week i was listening to some of my older playlists and i saw this song and i haven't been able to stop listening too it since. 

Like a Lion for me is kind of a freedom anthem. A song that builds you up when you're feeling down. I love the lyrics of this song so much because they really do have such an amazing meaning. There is so much hope to hold on to even once you've hit rock bottom there is always a way back to the top and i think Bryan shows that message so much in this song.

I have been following Bryan on his family daily vlogging channel(check them out here)for almost 3 years and i have absolutely loved being able to watch not only their channel and family grow but I've also loved watching them become the people they are today. When you buy an album from a store you never really get to see the work that goes into it but following Bryan's channel as subscribers we pretty much saw it all which to me makes the whole thing just a little bit more special. 

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks Song of the week sorry it was abit late!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo 

Other songs I like by this artist :
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