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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Summer reading list- Girl Online book review

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Summer reading list- Girl Online book review

Hey Whisperers,

So last week I wrote a post about my summer reading list and so today I am going to be doing the first of the book reviews. Today I will be reviewing Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online.

When I first got this book I pretty much got it because Zoe wrote it and I wanted to support her book, however when I started to read it I fell more in love with the storyline and characters. I know that there has been a lot of drama over the fact that Zoe had a ghost writer on the book but to be honest it doesn't really bother me. 

One thing that I love about this book is the subjects that it touches upon some of which include Bullying and Anxiety. For me it's not really easy to find books that portray these issues in a realistic way as most people seem to over exaggerate these themes. I think that the portrayal of anxiety was something that Zoe wanted to be realistic due to the fact that she herself deals with anxiety. 

The storyline of the book is also something that i love. I love seeing the growth of the character from a girl who was shy to a girl who knows how to stand up for herself and knows who her real friends are. I think that i saw myself a lot in Penny because I was bullied and I never used to be as confident as I am now. Obviously I also love the love story because come on who doesn't love a bit of romance. 

For me I think that this book is a perfect book if you're a teen. I know that a lot of older people have read this book and i don't think that there is any problem with that, however i do think that the themes and just the way the book is written makes it seem more aimed at younger teens. Personally i think this is a great book to read, it has so many different kinds of advice from how to handle your anxiety to what to wear on a first date and overall it is a great read.

Now let's get onto the ratings.


★ - I wouldn't suggest this book
★★ - It was a ok book
★★★- It was a good book but nothing special
★★★★- It was a good book 
★★★★★- It was a great read I would definitely recommend it 

Favourite Quote

“Sometimes you have to face up to your fears to realize that they aren’t actually real.” 
-Zoe Sugg, Girl Online

I hope you enjoyed the first of my summer reading list book review! If you have anything you want me to add in my next one let me know down below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Current Favourite Makeup Brand

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My Current Favourite Makeup Brand

Hey Whisperers,

So over the past month i have noticed that i have been drawn more towards one makeup brand. I'm not sure whether it is because it is new to me or if it is just because the products i have just are really good quality but i thought that either way i would blog about it anyway. 

Over the past few weeks every time i go into Boots i can't help but go and look at the NYX counter. Obviously for those of you who live in America NYX is nothing to you but for England you couldn't really get a hold of it until now. 

Let's Talk Money

Now don't get me wrong I am all about more affordable makeup and although NYX is still a drugstore brand it is for sure one of the higher priced makeup brands, however it is definitely worth the money. To me when it comes to drugstore makeup i definitely think it is price=quality kind of thing you can't really go into Boots and expect a £1 mascara to be the same quality as a £12 one. 

When it comes to NYX a lot of the makeup is a lot more affordable than i was expecting, especially when it comes the lip products (which are 100% my favourites.). The products range from £3 to £16 which isn't too bad considering the quality of the makeup. The NYX counters that I have been too do always seem to be very organised, well stocked and the staff are always helpful and nice which to be honest isn't always the case when it comes to makeup counters. 

My NYX Collection

Now my collection of NYX products isn't too big considering I only got my first product a month ago. However, I thought I would share the products I do have with you anyway. 

The NYX eye shadows, for me, are one of my favourite products. There's such a large selection to choose from, from Matte colours to foil shades and each one is so beautiful. My favourite of the single shadows are the shimmer/glitter shadows which have pretty much become my everyday lid shadows for the past few weeks. They add the perfect amount of shimmer without you looking like you've just stuck craft glitter to your eyelids. These shadows are £3.50 each which isn't too bad for the quality. You can also buy the refill pans and create your own palette which i think is a great idea. 

This lipstick was one of the first products that i purchased from NYX and i am so glad that i did. This lipstick is one of the most creamy and long lasting lipsticks that i have ever used and the colour is so beautiful. I saw this lipstick on the boots website and i instantly added it to my drugstore lipstick wish list (read that post here), so when i saw it in the store i was so excited to try it. The colour is a lot darker than I expected but it is still the perfect brown toned nude. and for £5.50 it was an amazing price.

This lipstick is my most recent NYX purchase and i am completely in love with it. I have tried so many matte lipsticks that make me feel like my lips are dry and cracked but this lipstick is completely different. At first I was kind of put off by how sticky and thick it was but the more it dried the more comfortable it got. The colour of this lipstick is also great and I love the complete lingerie range because it does give you so many options to find your perfect nude shade. I also think for a product of this size and quality £6.50 is an insanely good price considering that quite a few shades can be compared to Kylie Jenner's lip kits which retail for $29/£21.

NYX's most popular and most talked about products are probably their glosses so obviously i had to try one and they are definitely worth the hype. First of all they smell like cupcakes and lets be honest who doesn't want that and secondly they are just perfect. It is so hard to find lip glosses that aren't sticky and stringy but these glosses are so smooth and they feel amazing on the lips. The pigmentation of these glosses is also insane for only £5.50.

 Now buying this product i didn't really have any high hopes for it, honestly i thought i was going to hate it but i actually love it. I have always loved my brow pencils and powders so trying a pomade was something new for me, however it has made doing my brows so much easier. It is so easy to apply, blend and shape and it is the perfect shade for my brows. For £5.50 the quality and the amount of product you get is amazing. I would say that a small amount of this product goes a long way so if you are thinking about getting this product I would be more on the minimal side when applying it because it is so easy to over do it.


Now when it comes to NYX you can only get it in Boots stores and unfortunately not all Boots stores are stocking the NYX products. For me the closest store is either Birmingham City Centre which is half an hour away or Solihull which is 45 minutes away so getting a hold of the products isn't too easy. However you can always order the product online (here), which is obviously very easy however if you are anything like me you like to swatch the products in person which is why sometimes it is a little annoying not having a closer store.

Overall i completely love the NYX cosmetics products and I can't wait to get more of them in the future. I have always loved seeing people i watch on YouTube using the products in their videos so i am so happy that now i can try them out too!

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any NYX product suggestions let me know down below!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer: All opinions and thoughts are my own and all products mentioned in this blog were paid for with my own money :) x

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Revolution Blush Palette- Product Review

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Revolution Blush Palette- Product Review

Welcome back Whisperers,

Recently i have been obsessed with trying new highlighters and blushes so when I saw this Makeup Revolution palette in Superdrug the other day I couldn't not get it. I absolutely love Makeup Revolution products so I knew I had to try this palette out, and of course like pretty much every new product I buy I thought I would share it with you guys. So let's get on with the review!

The blush palette i chose to get was the Blush Goddess palette. There are a few different blush palettes, this one which is more pale, baby pinks and shimmer highlighters, golden shimmer which as the name shows is a more golden themed palette and another one called Sugar and Spice palette which has bright pink shades. I chose this palette because I am pretty much a ghost and the other palettes would have either made me look like i had been slapped or rubbed a bag of Doritos on my face. 

The packaging of this palette, alike all of Makeup Revolution's palettes, is a basic black plastic packaging, which to be honest is all you really need. The products themselves are decent sized blushes. The palette itself was only £6 which for 4 blush shades and 4 highlight shades is amazing. When looking at this palette online the colours too appear a lot brighter however in person they are a lot more neutral. 

Shade By Shade Review

(from top left across the top row, from bottom left across the bottom row)


The first shade in the palette is a beautiful pink/brown colour. The marbling in this highlighter creates the perfect mauve shade when applied to the cheekbones which is beautiful for a daytime look. 

The next shade across in the palette is a beautiful pink colour. This colour reminds me a lot of the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Pink Shimmer, which is one of my favourite highlighters. The only difference between the two is that this one is more glittery.

Next up is the lightest highlight shade in the palette and also my favourite. This shade is the most beautiful light cream and gold shade, which when swatched is the most amazing golden highlight. I can already tell this is going to be one of my most used shades in this palette.

The last of the four highlighters is to me pretty much the same as the first highlighting shade but just a little bit darker. For me personally I love this shade so i don't mind that it is so close in shade to the first shade however I know some people won't like this. 


The first blush in the palette is a beautiful orange toned blush. For so long i avoided orange blushes but recently I have been loving them. When swatched this blush is a beautiful everyday blush colour, i can already tell this is going to be one of my most used blushes this summer. 

Next up is, what i think is, the most wearable blush in the palette. This shade is the perfect muted pink colour, perfect for day or night looks. When swatching the blushes this is probably the most pigmented of all of the blushes too. 

Next up is the brightest blushers in the palette. This blush is a muted hot pink blush which i think is perfect for summer. The pigmentation of this blush is quite good so i do think it will be easy to over do it on this colour when applying it which is something I always end up doing when applying blush.

Last of all is the darkest blush shade in the palette. This palette is a lovely dark pink shade, for me this is probably the most daring shade in the palette. Personally i like quite neutral blushes so i don't think i will be using this shade much. 

Final thoughts

And so that was my review of the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Goddess. I would definitely recommend this palette if you're looking to try out a few blushes or even just looking for a good palette to travel with because it definitely has all the colours you would need. I can not wait to start using this palette I know it is going to be one of my summer favourites for sure.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Song of The Week #10

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Song of The Week #10
Welcome back Whisperers,

This weeks song of the week is a song by someone that i absolutely love. She is an incredible actor in one of my all time favourite shows and has an incredible voice.

This weeks Song of The Week is From The Backseat by Lucy Hale

When I first heard Lucy's album back in 2014 i fell in love and it was probably one of my most listened to albums ever so when i came across it on spotify again this week i fell in love all over again. From The Backseat is probably one of my favourite songs from the album because it is so upbeat and fun. 

This song tells a story of learning what love it and i think that that is beautiful. The lyrics of this song are so meaningful and tell such a beautiful story that i find it hard not  to love. Obviously loving Lucy as and actor played a huge factor in me listening to her music but it is honestly like listening to a whole new person. This album just seem so personal and full of memories whereas her acting and interviews are more work based than personal.

My music taste is pretty much a if i like the song i like it no matter what the genre so the fact that Lucy's music is country didn't really make a difference to me however i have come to realise it is a lot more calming than some of the other music that i listen to which i love.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks song of the week! Let me know what your song of the week is this week below!!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Other songs i suggest by this artist (all links to Youtube)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

My Summer Reading List

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My Summer Reading List

Hey Whisperers,

Summer for me is the season of relaxation and reading. For me there is nothing better than sitting under the sun reading a good book and so today i thought i would share with you some of the books I will be reading this summer. I have already read a few of these books, but I always love re-reading the books i have. I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any book recommendations let me know down below!

My Summer Reading List

Penny has a secret.
Under the alias Girl Online, she blogs about school dramas, boys, her mad, whirlwind family - and the panic attacks she's suffered from lately. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets the gorgeous, guitar-strumming Noah. Suddenly Penny is falling in love - and capturing every moment of it on her blog.
But Noah has a secret too. One that threatens to ruin Penny's cover - and her closest friendship - forever.

I got this book last year and i completely fell in love with it. Of course being a big fan of Zoe i knew i had to buy the book when it came out and I am so glad that I did. For me this book is so full of drama, romance and just the right amount of comedy and it's great to read. For £12.99 i know some people may be put off this book but it really is worth the money. This will be the third time I have read this book because it is such a fun book to read. I would recommend this book to both older and younger readers however it is more of a teen book. 

When the sickness came, every parent, police officer, politician - every adult fell ill. The lucky ones died. The others are crazed, confused and hungry. 
Only children under fourteen remain, and they're fighting to survive.
Now there are rumours of a safe place to hide. And so a gang of children begin their quest across London, where all through the city - down alleyways, in deserted houses, underground - the grown-ups lie in wait.
But can they make it there - alive?

I picked up this book a few years ago and I've never really got around to finishing it. I have read up to page 312 of this book which is just under 100 pages from the end so i have read most of it however I think I am going to restart it because I barely remember any of it. Unlike any of the other books on my list this one is more of a horror/post apocalyptic book whereas the rest are more teen reads. This book is a very tense read but i love it. 

Twenty-three year old Joey Graceffa has captured the hearts of millions of teens and young adults through his playful, sweet, and inspirational YouTube presence (not to mention his sparkling eyes and perfect hair). Yet, Joey wasn’t always comfortable in his skin, and in this candid memoir, he thoughtfully looks back on his journey from pain to pride, self-doubt to self-acceptance.
Joey Graceffa’s story is a welcome reminder that it’s not where you begin that matters, but where you end up

Ok so first off that isn't the whole bio for this book but let me tell you that bio is long, so if you want to see the full description click here. Ok anyways, I have been a big fan of Joey's for quite awhile and so when I saw his book a few months ago i knew that i had to get it. I've read up to page 91 so far but I've been so busy i haven't had a chance to read the rest but I am dedicating this summer to finishing it as part of my reading list.

Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs into his life—dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge—he follows. After their all-nighter ends, and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues—and they're for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees the girl he thought he knew...

Where do I even start when it comes to this book. I don't know what it is about John Green but every book he writes is just amazing. When i first read this book i couldn't quite get into it but the more i read it the more i fell in love with it. I love the mystery, drama and cliffhangers in this book it is definetley one of my favourites. 

Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicolored lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda. After all, a cold and wet hike from a stranded train through the middle of nowhere would not normally end with a delicious kiss from a charming stranger. And no one would think that a trip to the Waffle House through four feet of snow would lead to love with an old friend. Or that the way back to true love begins with a painfully early morning shift at Starbucks. 

Now i know what you're thinking, isn't this a winter book and yes it is but I've had this book on my bookshelf for the past 4 months and i haven't even read the first page. I have picked it up so many times but i just haven't got around  to reading it so i thought that this summer i would read it. I fell in love with the blurb of this book and i honestly have no idea why i haven't read it yet.

Before. Miles "Pudge" Halter's whole existence has been one big nonevent, and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave the "Great Perhaps" (Fran├žois Rabelais, poet) even more. He heads off to the sometimes crazy, possibly unstable, and anything-but-boring world of Culver Creek Boarding School, and his life becomes the opposite of safe. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. The gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, self-destructive, screwed-up, and utterly fascinating Alaska Young, who is an event unto herself. She pulls Pudge into her world, launches him into the Great Perhaps, and steals his heart. After. Nothing is ever the same

Yet again, another John Green book, but what can I say i LOVE his books. Looking For Alaska is probably one of my all time favourite books it is just such a good read and the story itself is both touching and beautiful. I would say this book is more for older teens than the younger teens but either way it is a great read. 

And so that is my summer reading list. I love reading so much and i always have and so over the next 6 weeks every Thursday for my Lifestyle post i'm going to be writing a full review of each book. I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Thanks For Reading,
Soph xoxo

All descriptions sourced from Good Reads

Purchase These Books Here-

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

PS. Pro Oval Brush - Product Review

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PS. Pro Oval Brush - Product Review

Hey Whisperers,

Today I thought i would talk about a new brush I brought the other day. Over the past few months I've seen the oval brushes everywhere so the other day when I saw this brush in Primark I couldn't not get it. I first saw this brush on LiveLaughAndMakeup's (Sabrina's)  YouTube channel and i knew I had to get it. The brush retails for £3 which is INSANE compared to other brushes like this. So let's get on with the review. 

One thing I love about this brush is how dense it is. It is hard to find a really good dense brush when you're on a budget so when I felt how dense this brush is it i was quite surprised. Another thing about this brush that I love is how soft it is. One thing I have had problems with this other Primark brushes is that they can be a bit scratchy however this brush is far from that.

The handle of the brush however does seem very cheap. The biggest problem i think that people will have with this brush is the handle breaking. The top of the handle is very thin and dainty, which, if you don't hold with your finger when blending will probably snap. However, for the price i can't really fault this product as i have seen other people say this about the higher end versions of these brushes too.

Using this brush for the first time i was pleasantly surprised, it blended out my foundation out quite well. The brush didn't soak up too much of the product which was great however. it did leave brush lines on my face so i did have to go over my face with my B. Beauty Sponge afterwards. (post about that here) I don't know if it's just because i'm so used to using my beauty sponge but i didn't like the look of my foundation after i used this brush. For me i like my makeup to be full coverage which i get when i use my beauty sponge but using this brush i only got medium coverage. 

Overall, for £3 this is a great brush if you're looking for a more affordable version of the Oval brushes. The quality of the brush itself is amazing for the price and to be honest if it does break £3 to replace it isn't too bad. It is the perfect size for under-eye concealer and foundation and is honestly a great dupe for some of the higher end alternatives. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick review on the PS. Pro Oval Brush! Let me know down below what your favourite makeup brush is! Also, make sure you head over to LoveLaughAndMakeup's channel to see her compare this brush to the Mac Oval 6 Brush - Link Here to that video 

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer- Unfortunately this brush will only be avaliable in selected stores. I brought mine from the Primark store in the Intu Merry Hill shopping centre in Dudley.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Song of The Week #9

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Song of The Week #9
Hey Whisperers, 

Sorry this weeks song of the week is a day later than usual I've just been really busy this week Anyways this weeks song of the week is a song I have been loving so much recently thanks to my cousin. A few weeks ago she sent me a link to another song by this artist and obviously as Youtube does it suggests 101 different videos and I clicked on this one and got hooked. 

This weeks Song Of The Week is Lost Boy by Ruth B 

I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. I have always been a huge Peter Pan fan and so the lyrics of this song to me are so perfect. The song itself talks about becoming friends with Peter Pan and escaping to neverland. I just love the simplicity and imagination in this song and I can't help but play it on repeat. 

Ruth's voice is so unique and beautiful that it just adds so much to this song. I have seen so many people cover this song on YouTube but her original version, for me, will always be the best. The song my cousin sent me was Superficial Love which made me fall in love with her voice but this song was on a completely different level. 

I love finding newer artists because I think it just makes me appreciate their music more. For me I love listening to artists who work hard for their music, not saying bigger artists don't, i just think when you are a smaller artist it takes so much more work and effort for you to get your music out there. 

Lost boy has become so popular and I totally understand why, between the lyrics and Ruth's voice it is hard not to love! It's the kind of song that you hear once and remember forever and I know it is going to be in my playlist for a very long time. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Song Of The Week! Let me know what your Song Of The Week is down below! 

Thanks for Reading, 
Love Soph xoxo

My Top 5 Beauty Channels

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My Top 5 Beauty Channels

Hey Whisperers,

So over the past few weeks i have been watching a lot more beauty Youtubers and i have feel even more in love with some of the channels i am subscribed to and so today i thought i would share my top 5 beauty channels with you guys.


I am completely in love with Nikkie's channel. She is so honest and sassy that i pretty much think its impossible to not fall in love with her personality. Nikkie's was one of the first beauty gurus that i ever subscribed to and I am so glad i found her channel. If you haven't heard of Nikkie's channel i would 100% recommend watching some of her videos because she is not only insanely talented (like seriously talented) but she is so funny too. Nikkie was the creator of the Power of Makeup video which is one of my favourite videos of hers so if you want to check out her channel I would definitely recommend watching that video first!

Glam And Gore

Something you guys probably don't know about me is that i LOVE FX makeup so when i found Mykie's channel i fell completely in love. Mykie does both glam and gore makeup (as the name says duhhh) and like Nikkie she has such an amazing personality. Something i love about Mykie is that she isn't afraid to be different and i love it. She has amazing fx and beauty makeup talent and I am a complete fangirl of hers. At the moment she is doing a Disney Princess series where she does both the beauty and gore looks of Disney princesses and i am completely obsessed with it. I am definitely a fully pledged zombae (Mykie's fanbase nickname). One of my favourite tutorials that she has done is probably the Lana Del Ray Zombie Transformation video, which i definitely recommend watching.

Learning To Be Fearless

I first started watching Alexandra's channel because i loved her body positivity videos but then i started watching her beauty videos too and i fell in love. Alexandra does a lot of GRWM videos which i love because i watch them when I'm doing my own makeup and its kind of like getting ready with a friend. Alexandra does a lot of high end and drugstore tutorials which is great because it gives you a lot of content depending on your price range. I love Alexandra's personality because it is so bubbly and caring that you really can't help but fall in love with her. She is such a beautiful girl and lets be honest her makeup and fashion videos are my life goals.


Where do I even start when it comes to Jeffree Star. His makeup skills are flawless, his makeup  brand is amazing, his tattoo's are beautiful, his video's are amazing. He is literally goals. I started watching Jeffree about a year ago and i couldn't help but become addicted to his channel. He is so honest, funny, talented and let's not forget beautiful. Jeffree is probably one of the most hard working YouTubers i have ever watched not only does he create amazing content but he also created an amazing cosmetics brand which let's be honest are way better quality than so many high end brands.


Now if you have been here awhile you know that i love Bunny. I have been watching Bunny for around 4 years and i can't help but love her channel. One thing i love most about Bunny's beauty videos is that she is so different with the way she does her makeup. She doesn't blend her eye shadows to perfection, she doesn't change her makeup to fit in with everyone else she does what she wants to which is something that i admire about her. She is so funny to watch and i love her beauty videos because she makes them so easy to recreate and change to fit your own face. Overall i just love Bunny's channel and she is probably my Number 1 YouTuber. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, if you have any favourite beauty channels let me know below because i always love finding new YouTubers to watch!

Thanks for Reading,
Love Soph xoxo

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lost Friendships

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Lost Friendships

Hey Whisperers,

The first post i ever wrote on this blog was about growing up. I look back now and it's insane to think about how much has changed since then. I have changed so much and so has my life. The other day i was scrolling through my twitter and i came across a picture and i couldn't not write a blog post about it. So i hope you enjoy this post all about lost friendships.

Growing up i always thought my friends would be by my side forever. I thought that the people i was close with when I was 14 were going to be the people i would be close with for life. The people i would invite to my wedding some day or the people whose kids would be best friends with mine, but in reality that isn't what life is like.

I had some amazing friends growing up. I had the kinds of friendships that people now call #friendshipgoals. The friendships where i could get a call at 11pm telling me my best friends were outside and i'd be out till god knows what time just sitting there and talking, the friendships where you binge watched TV shows together and got pissed if the other person watched an episode without you and i loved it. But things change so fast in life and nothing stays the same for long.

It's crazy how you can go from talking to someone everyday, to not talking at all. Slowly as the years go on you'll lose friends you never thought you would, and this was something that i was never told. I never thought that I would lose the friendships that I had years ago because I was naive enough to think that everything stays the same.

It's the friendships you never expect to lose that you lose. I know right now writing this that there is a 1/100 chance that any of my 'lost friends' will be reading this because that's just how life works. But i do miss them. I miss the late night talks where I would cry with laughter and the secret nicknames we would give people. But now we're too grown up for those things right? Now we are supposed to be able to go months without talking but still be close. 

Now don't get me wrong I know people change and that is a big part of life and you can't stay the same forever. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt to let go. So many people tell you that now you're 'grown up' that you have to be strong, responsible and basically flip the switch on your emotions but not everybody can and I know for sure i can't. 

A lot of my friendships have changed in the past 9 months. Friends have moved away to University while i've stayed at home and got a job. So many things can have an effect on a friendship and sometimes it is just easier to blame the other person instead of realising that you are changing too. I know i sound like a loser saying this but i am jealous of some of my friends. They've grown into incredible people over the past few months and although yes i am insanely proud of them i'm jealous too. I'm jealous that they have everything i don't, the new friends, the new life goals. The new them. 

I miss my 'lost friends' more than i thought i would. I miss the old them, the old us. I'm mad at them for how much they've changed but at the same time i'm mad at myself because i didn't make enough effort to keep up with everything that was going on. I'm mad that i know i can write this blog post but never write this to them because they would never understand what i say now. Because no matter how much I am jealous of how much they have changed I have changed too and sometimes you have to accept that things aren't going to be the same as they used to be, and that's ok because when a door closes another door opens.

Just remember friends can break your heart too.

I have so many great friends in my life right now and I will be forever grateful for them. I have friends i've been friends with for months who make me smile daily and i have friends i've had for years who make me so proud to know them because of how far they have come. I have lost friends and although i miss them more than words can say I am grateful for the friends I have because I am incredibly lucky. 

Losing friends is a huge part of life that nobody ever talks about but it happens to everyone. It hurts and that's ok because letting go of anybody is hard. But you do have to let go. You can't hold on forever. Moving on is simple, it's what you leave behind that makes it difficult. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on lost friendships, i know it was a little more down than usual but it was just something I had to get off my chest.

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics- Product Review

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Kylie Jenner Cosmetics- Product Review
Hey Whisperers,

So a few weeks ago I ordered some of Kylie Jenners lip products. I've been seeing Kylie's products all over Instagram and YouTube and i have been dying to try them so when i saw they had been restocked i decided to get some. By the time i got on the website there were no lip kits left which sucked, however i did manage to get a lip gloss and metal matte lipstick. And so today i am going to do a quick product review on them for you. 

One of the things i love the most about these lip products is the packaging. Each product comes in it's own sleek white box with the signature Kylie drips. I love the fact that the drips on each box corresponds to the colour inside. I know that this is such a small detail but it i love it. Another thing i noticed about these products was the weight.  Now i know that sounds strange but the weight of these products is so much heavier than any other lip gloss i own.

Literally and Heir

The first, and my favourite of the two products i got is the Kylie Lip Gloss in Literally. When shopping online i didn't know which colour to get and so i honestly randomly chose Literally because i liked the name, and i am so glad that i chose this colour. Literally is the perfect light brown/nude shade and i absolutely love it. The pigmentation of this lip gloss is insane. When I tried it out for some reason i was expecting it to be sheer but it was so opaque. The lip gloss itself is quite thick, something i didn't really like when i first saw it, but after trying it on the lips i completely changed my mind. I am used to thick lip glosses being sticky but this one wasn't. 

The lasting time of this lip gloss is also amazing, i have worn it a few times and it lasts such a long time. Obviously it is a gloss so it does transfer however even after the gloss has dulled the colour itself does not budge which i love. Both of the lip products have a very vanilla cupcake which i love. If you are looking to try a new lip gloss i would definitely recommend this one. 

The second product i got was the Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick in Heir. Yet again i wasn't quite sure which one to get of the metal matte lipsticks so i just went with the one i thought looked best on the screen. When i swatched this product on my arm i loved the colour. I don't even know how to explain the colour of this lipstick, it is like a pink/coral shade yet still quite nude with a beautiful golden metal sheen to it. When i tried this on my lips it was a very strange feeling. The lipstick kind of looked like it was flaking towards inside of my lips and you could see a very obvious line on my lips where i applied it, however i think if i layer this over a nude lipstick that problem will be solved easily.

The texture of this product is so nice, it is a creamy product and applies much like the Collection Cream Puff Lip Creams which are some of my favourite lip products. I do love this product and i can see it being one of my favourite lip products of the summer.

Let's Talk Applicators 

One of the main things i saw online before ordering these products was the negative reviews on the applicators and so i thought i would show you the applicators and tell you what i think about them. 

First off the lip gloss one. The lip gloss applicator is a little brush wand, which i am 100% in love with. I know that the early version of these products had a much longer brush which caused problems however this newer brush is so good. I love the fact that it is a brush because it helps you be so much more precise when applying the lip gloss, which with these glosses you need because they are so pigmented. I also love the brush because it picks up the perfect amount of product so you aren't wasting loads of product when taking it in and out of the tube.

The applicator for the metal matte lipstick is pretty much a standard Doe Foot applicator. It is so easy to use when applying the matte lipstick. It is very soft and isn't at all stiff something i think is important when applying matte lipsticks. As you can see the applicator is quite small however i think that, that is a good thing as it is very easy to apply too much of this product.

Ordering from Kylie Cosmetics

Now when ordering from the website the entire process was so easy and straightforward which i loved. It was pretty much a three step process - Choose the products you want, Add them to your basket, Fill in your payment details and it was complete. Obviously you have to choose your country, postcode/zip code ext. But it only takes a few seconds and it is complete.

After ordering your products you get a confirmation email telling you your order has been accepted and then after the order has been processed and the shipping has begun you get another order which gives you a code to track your order which i thought was great. Something i hate is when you order a product but can't track it because obviously ordering from America was going to take some time, but knowing where my order was was great. 

On the website it states that additional customs charges can be added depending on your country when the product is delivered to your country. I personally had to pay International Handling Fee's which amounted to £12.52. Now i didn't mind paying these fees however i know that for some people this will put them off so i thought i would let you know.

Every order, from what i can tell online, comes with the Kylie Cosmetics lips card with a message from Kylie on the back which i think is just something nice to have. The products are packaged with two pieces of foam so they don't break and the overall packaging is great. 

Money Talk

Literally Lip Gloss- $15/£10.56
Heir Metal Matte Lipstick- $18/£12.67
Shipping- $14.95/£10.52
International Handling Fee- $17.78/£12.52

Overall Cost- $65.70/£46.27

I am completley in love with my Kylie Jenner lip products and I can not wait to use them. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are thinking about ordering from Kylie Cosmetics i would definetley recommend it. If you want to try just one product I would suggest the lip glosses because they are insanely good quality and feel so nice on the lips! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions about the ordering process or the products let me know below!

Thanks for Reading,
Love Soph xoxo

Sunday, 12 June 2016

This Is For You.

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This Is For You.
Hi Whisperers,

I woke up yesterday morning to some news i never thought i would hear. And then today i woke up to more devastating news. If you don't know what news i am referring too I'm guessing you haven't turned on the news today or yesterday. The news i am talking about it the Shooting and Murder of Christina Grimmie and the mass shooting in The Pulse nightclub in Florida.

My Favourite Christina Grimmie Performance 

Waking up yesterday morning it was just another morning for me, but for the family of Christina Grimmie it was a night they would never forget. On the 10th June 2016 Christina Grimmie was shot in front of fans and family at the Plaza in Orlando Florida. Reading about what happened broke my heart. Christina was such a beautiful girl and she had a voice like no other. I started watching Christina on YouTube in 2014 after i saw her on The Voice America and I fell in love with her music. 

Reading about how the shooting happened yesterday morning made me feel not only devastated for her family but also for the fans who witnessed the shooting. Christina was so young and she had such a long life ahead of her, she had another 50,60,70 even 80 years left of her life to live she didn't deserve what happened to her. To me the worst thing about what happened to Christina was that she felt so safe. She was doing what she loved, meeting her fans, signing autographs, just being the beautiful and caring person she was when this unspeakable act happened to her.

She was  opening her arms to hug the man who murdered her.

Scrolling through twitter yesterday my heart broke for the people who were at her concert. The people who were in the room with her when she was shot because they will never forget that day. So many people hear about a celebrity's death and yes they are heartbroken but one day it becomes a distant memory, this will never be a distant memory for those fans. I was so mad, so angry because she didn't deserve what happened, but at the same time in a way i am so happy that she has gone to heaven a place, we all know, she believed in so vividly. She is in a place she has always dreamt of. 

I am also so proud and in awe of her brother Mark for tackling the shooter because god only knows how many more people would have lost their lives because of him. Mark is a hero and he will always be. The shooter had 2 guns and a knife on him nobody knows what he had planned to do. The man who shot Christina shot himself after he was tackled by Mark and I can't help but be mad that he hasn't had to deal with the consequences of what he did, for the pain he has caused, for the tears he has caused to have been shed. For the consequences of killing a beautiful talented, young woman. I am so mad he doesn't have to witness the heartbreak his actions have caused.

After reading about Christina yesterday I couldn't help but hate the world we live in, to hate America. And i know so many people will say that it isn't 'America' at fault but to me it is. The gun laws in America allowed this to happen. They allowed this young woman to be taken from us way too soon and for that i do blame America. 

And if that wasn't enough to show America that they need to re-evaluate their gun laws, the devastating act that happened last night should be.

Walking to work this morning with the news of Christina's death still in my mind I opened my twitter only to be hit with another shooting. If you haven't seen the news today or looked on any social media you will probably not understand what I am going on about. Last night in Florida a shooter entered The Pulse Gay Club in Orlando and barricaded himself and hundreds of victims in the club and open fired. 

Reading about this, this morning honestly made me sick. I checked my phone throughout the day and the number of casualties just rose and rose and i got such a sickening feeling in my  stomach as the number climbed. This weekend was Gay Pride weekend in America and for this to happen on a night that was supposed to be so happy and full of pride is just so sad. 

The shooting has been labelled as the worst mass shooting in US history with 50 people dead and 53 injured and it honestly breaks my heart. Reading on twitter i can't even begin to imagine how anyone there felt, it just seems so unreal. I wish it wasn't real. 

The one thing that makes me feel more sick than the act itself if the reasons people are giving for it. One person said it was 'an act of god'. I was so angry. This was not an act of God, not in my eyes anyway. This was not something that someone who is supposed to be all loving and all caring would want. Personally i do not believe in God I never have and although i may not believe in God i know that for those who do, will not believe this is an act of god either. 

Over the past 48 hours alone 51 people have been murdered and 53 more injured by guns in Orlando Florida alone and those are just the people included in these two devastating situations. That's not even including other incidents that could have happened that we are unaware of. I just can't even begin to fathom how America can let this happen. How they can have such little awareness and precaution when it comes to guns and firearms. 

I can only hope and wish that the 53 injured victims of the Pulse Club shooting will survive, that they will go on to live long lives, that they will recover. Because none of them deserve this. Nobody in the world deserves to go through anything like this. 

I know that so many people out there don't  believe in Gay Pride or Gay Rights but i do. I believe that people are born gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual. I believe that we all have a predetermined path. Nobody decides to be gay they are born that way. Just like how you are born White, Black, Asian. It is a part of who you are and you should never have to hide that away, something that I know so many people will feeling that they have to do, to be safe, to survive. 

I can only imagine the pain that Christina's family and the family of the Pulse Club shooting victims are going through right now and i can only hope and wish that they make it through this hard time. 

I can only hope that America will now take gun laws more seriously. Please hug someone you love today. 

Thank you For Reading,
Love Soph xoxo

PS. Beauty #2

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PS. Beauty #2

Hey Whisperers,

So a few months ago i did a blog post on some primark PS. Beauty products. I went into Primark in Coventry today and i saw that Primark had come out with a bunch of new products and so i grabbed a few and thought i would do a quick review on them.

In total I brought 5 products, 3 lip products, one mascara and one eyebrow product. In total the 5 products cost me £10.50 which for 5 products is pretty good.

The first product that i brought was the PS Brow Cream in Dark Brown. I have never tried a brow cream before so i didn't really know what to expect from this product, however for £1.50 i thought i would give it a go. The first thing that i noticed about this product is that it is very hard to get out of the tube. The product itself is very thick but when swatching the product (which ended up with me having an eyebrow on my hand see that picture here)  i could tell straightaway that a small amount of this product goes a long way. The small angled brush that came with this product was pretty much like any other angled brush the only problem was how small it was. The colour of this product is pretty much perfect for my brows. Once applied it dried quite fast which i liked, and for £1.50 i think it is a great option if you're looking to try out a brow cream and don't want to spend a lot of money incase you don't like how it applies. 

Now i brought this Tinted Lip Oil because my lips were so dry and i just wanted something to quickly apply and for £2 this seemed a good idea,however i instantly regretted it. This product is very sticky, the kind of sticky that leaves strings of  sticky gloss between your lips when you talk, sticky. The smell of this product is also very off putting, i don't know what it is about the smell but it just smells fake. I brought this colour because i thought it would go well with my makeup that day but when i applied it, it was more sticky and greasy than it was hydrating and i had to wipe it off straight away. 

I used to use this Mascara loads when i was in school and so i thought that i would pick it up and see if i still liked it. First of all i absolutely love the packaging of this mascara it just looks and feels so nice which honestly you don't expect from a mascara that costs £2. The product itself is exactly how i remembered it to be. I wouldn't say this mascara is the most amazing mascara i have ever used but i do definitely like it. I would say this mascara is more of a everyday, quick, makeup free look kind of mascara as it adds enough length and colour to your lashes that you know you have it on but it doesn't make them too large clumpy. I would 100% recommend this mascara if you want to try out a new mascara or if you're on a budget. They do also have a waterproof version which is in a blue tube instead of pink for the same price. 

I have been wanting to try a lip scrub for a while but i just haven't been able to bring myself to spend the £5.50 at Lush for one and so when i saw this new PS. Pro Lip Scrub for £3 i had to grab it. This lip scrub is one of Primark's new pro range products and i can really tell the difference between this and the previous products i have tried, the packaging on the Pro products is a lot more durable and clean and the storage of the makeup in store is also a lot better with it actually being on as stand and not just dumped on top of each other. I tried this lip scrub when i got home and it was okay It has a very hydrating formula, however it is a little greasy. When i looked at the box i did see that it has almond oil in it so i think that, that is why it's greasy. It works really well however i can say just from swatching the lush scrub in store that this is nowhere near as good as that one however if you are looking for a more affordable product this one definitely does the job. 

The last thing that I brought from Primark is the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Wine. I saw this product in a Grace and Grace video and i knew i had to try it out. This product is a beautiful wine red colour (same as the cap in the picture) I was expecting this product to be quite dry however it was smooth on the lips and very easy to apply. I did have to use this product with a lip liner, however i don't mind that because i use a  lip liner with every lipstick i use anyway. This lipstick smells very nice, kind of sweet and vanilla like, i know it sounds weird but I know some people don't like the scent of some lip products so i thought i would throw the scent in here too. I do like this product and i think it would be a perfect fall colour and for £2 its a great price.

I hope you enjoyed this PS. Beauty review. I love trying out Primark makeup so there will probably be more of these kind of posts to come!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Sorry that there are no links to these products, the primark website doesn't have a full list of it's products and the only one on the website was the brow cream which i chose not to link. xoxo

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Song Of The Week #8

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Song Of The Week #8
Hey Whisperers,

Welcome to this weeks song of the week. This weeks song of the week is a song that I've liked for a long time but for some reason this week it has been one of my most played songs.

This weeks Song Of The Week is Silly Little Things by Shannon Saunders

I first heard this song 3 years ago when Shannon posted an acoustic version on her channel (listen to that version here) and i fell in love with it straight away. A few weeks ago i re found the song when i was scrolling through Spotify and i fell in love with the new studio version. 

Shannon's voice is so incredible and i can't help but fall in love with all of her songs. This song in particular to me is just so beautiful. To me this song is a single girl's anthem a song all about letting go and i think it is just so powerful.

One thing i love about Shannon is how diverse her voice is. Listening to this song you would never know how different and gentle her voice is. You're probably sat reading this post thinking that you've never heard her voice before but you probably have. If you have ever watched Tangled you've heard Shannon's voice singing the song I See The Light, which is an insanely cute, peppy, Disney song, something that you would never expect when listening to this song. 

I am completely obsessed with this song and I am so glad i re found it! I hope you enjoyed this weeks Song Of The Week let me know what your Song Of The Week was this week down below!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Other song suggestions from this Artist (All links to YouTube)-

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Surviving That Time Of The Month

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Surviving That Time Of The Month

Hey Whisperers,

So I'm guessing that majority of my readers are female and so i thought i would write a quick post about our oh so fabulous time of the month. It's not really surprising that most of us hate this time of month i mean who wants to be uncomfortable cramping and bleeding for up to a week ? Nobody. All most of us want to do is crawl into bed, stuff our faces full of the most unhealthy snacks ever and binge watch TV, which although sounds great, isn't the best thing to do. And so today I thought i would talk about a few things that always help me.

Stock Up

Now as most of you lovely ladies will know you can not predict how your body is going to be month to month. So stocking up is always a good idea, because let's be real getting halfway through the week, searching the cupboards for pads or tampons and finding none is something none of us want to do.

Sort out those cozy clothes

Now we all know that nothing is worse than being in tight clothes when you're on. You bloat and it just makes you feel ten times worse so make sure you have your cozy clothes ready. For me it's an oversized jumper and leggings, just make sure it's loose and comfy (dark colours are always a safe option too). 

Bath Time!

Nothing is worse than having a bloated stomach and period pains, believe me right now you probably don't want to leave your bed to run a bath but hot water is going to become your best friend. Don't have a plain old bath either, throw in some bubble bath and chuck in a lush bath bomb (i suggest avo bath) and relax in that bath like the magical mermaid you are!

Keep Track

Keeping track of your periods always helps you to prepare for the time ahead. I found an app a few months ago that i LOVE to use it's called P Tracker. P Tracker uses the past 3 dates of your previous period to calculate your next one. You can also input a lot of data like your skin condition and mood. Download the app here for Android and here for Apple users. 

Distract Yourself

Now a lot of the time the thing that makes periods worse is constantly thinking about them. I suggest finding a new TV show on Netflix ( check out my top 5 shows here) or just finding a few films you want to watch. 

Drink Time

For me all i want to drink at this time of the month is fizzy pop and warm drinks so pop on that kettle and make yourself your favourite kind of hot drink (for me it's either a Chai Tea Latte or Hot Chocolate). If you aren't a hot drink kind of gal, grab a bottle of your favourite pop and stock up because staying hydrated is so important at this time of the month.

Last Resort

Now i know it seems so easy to reach for the pills as soon as you get a pain but it is always best to try natural methods first (in my opinion it is anyways). If the bath hasn't worked and the pain is still there i suggest a hot water bottle and if that doesn't work then obviously medication is probably needed. I suggest Feminax Express which contains Ibuprofen, or even just plain ol' paracetamol.

I hope this post has given you a few tips on how to survive this dreaded time of the month! If you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo