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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Song of the week #2

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Song of the week #2
Hey Whisperers,

It's that time of the week again, time  for song of the week. Over the past week I've been listening to a few songs on repeat, so it took awhile to pick this week's song. Anyways on with the post.

This week's song of the week is Hair by Little Mix

I loved Little Mix when they were on X-Factor and even though i wouldn't call myself a 'fan' i do enjoy their music. When i heard Hair i didn't really like it, not because the song was bad but just because it isn't my usual type of music however the more it appeared on my Spotify the more i began to like it.

This song is about letting go of a guy and getting him out of your life. I love the message behind this song because i think it is something that a lot of people struggle to do after a breakup and this is the kind of song that those people need. The lyrics to this song are so energetic and fun and the tune is so catchy that you can't help but fall in love with it.

I also love the video to this song, because it shows such a real situation (besides the fact that the four girls look FLAWLESS in their Pj's whereas i look like a washed up walrus ). The support of friends is something everyone needs after a breakup. I also love how much of their personalities show in this video especially Jades, with her sassy side. 

I know that this song will be added to my Spotify favourites list because it is so catchy and fun. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Song of the Week. 

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Thursday, 28 April 2016

What's In My Bag- Spring 2016

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What's In My Bag- Spring 2016
Hi Whisperers,

So over the past few weeks i've been addicted to watching What's In My Bag videos and so today i thought i would take you through my bag. I use my bag everyday, for when i go shopping or work so it has a mixture of things in it. I've had this bag for around 3 months now and it is perfect for everything i need it for, however i will hopefully be getting a slightly bigger bag soon and so i thought i would do this post before i switch over. 

This is the inside of my bag on a daily basis, today I just went shopping so I don't have too many extra things in my bag. My bag is an across the shoulder paddle bag from New Look. The bag on the outside looks quite small but it has more than enough room for everything i need. I got this bag in the sale for £7 which was insane for how good quality it is. The one thing i don't love about this bag is the tassel's. I'm not a huge fan of tassel's however i have gotten used to these ones. The inside of the bag is lined with a thin black fabric and has one zip pocket and a 'sleeve' pocket where i keep all of my lip products. For the price this bag was well worth it and it isn't showing any damage considering i have been using it every day for 3-4 months, something other bags i have had, have done. I do have to squish this bag into my locker as it is quite small however it still looks perfectly fine.

Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist- £11
The first, and largest thing i always carry in my bag is my body spray. My current (and when i say current i mean for the past two years, fifth bottle current) favourite body spray is the Hollister Body Mist in Crescent Bay. I first started wearing this spray around two years ago and it has been a huge favourite of mine ever since. It is the perfect sweet everyday scent and it is so strong that one bottle lasts a long time. 
New Look Phone Case- £4.99

The next thing, which is always in my bag is my phone. I have an IPhone 6 and i love it. I used to be an android girl but about 3 weeks ago i got my IPhone and i love it. The case on my phone is a Unicorn and Rainbow case from New Look, it's a silicone case and its see through. For £4.99 i couldn't not get it, i couldn't find a link to this case online but i only brought it last week so it should still be in stores. 

Primark Purse- £4.00
Next up is my purse. I've had this purse for around 6 months and, well it's fine. I used to love having a big zip up purse but then i switched to a smaller bag so i had to downsize. I got this purse from Primark for £4, i couldn't find a link to it online but it is still in stores.

Mentos Mints- £1

Next up is way too many packs of Mints. I love mints, not only because i love the taste but because i hate the thought of having bad breath. Having four packs is a bit ridiculous but i only have four because i brought a four pack and the wrapper broke. The mentos spearmint soft mints are by far my favourite.

Extra Spearmint Gum- 52p

Yet again more minty stuff, this time chewing gum. I always have at least one pack of chewing gum on me. The mints are more for when i'm at work and can't chew gum and the gum is for more of when i'm out and about. I have always kind of been obsessed with gum, i was always that kid at school that everyone went to for gum because you could pretty much guarantee i had at least one pack, or even a few packs and flavours. 

Next up is my Locker Key, like i said at the start of this post i do use this bag for work and so i keep my locker key in here. I do also keep my name badge in here but i obviously didn't want to show that ( i do need to keep some things secret)

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder- £3.99

Now comes the makeup section of my bag. The first piece of makeup in my bag is my Clean Complexion Powder by Rimmel. I don't always carry a powder in my bag, today i did, so i thought i would show it. I don't usually use the Clean Complexion Powder however i recently ran out of my Stay Matte powder and so that is why i have this powder.

Opulent Beauty Blend Brush - £4.99

Obviously to go with my powder i have to have a brush. I got this brush from TKMaxx a week ago and it is the most amazingly soft and fluffy brush i have ever used. I did look online to try and find more of these brushes however i can't find the brand anywhere, which kinda sucks because it is the best brush i have ever used. 

The last thing in my bag is my lip products. I carry a few lip products in my bag as i do like to swap between them. All of the lip products i have in my bag are currently nude as i am using this bag for work and i'm not allowed to wear bold lipsticks. The first lip product i have is the MUA Intense Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat. This lipliner is my favourite lip liner of all time it is the perfect nude lip liner and for £1 it's incredible.

The next lip product i have is the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Absolutely Flawless. This lipstick is my all time favourite lipstick, i picked it up a few months ago to try it out and it has pretty much become my everyday lipstick. It pairs perfectly with the MUA lipliner and its so creamy and smooth.

Next up is my first of my two lip creams, the Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Angel Delight I got this lip cream today and that is why it is in my bag, however it will be staying in there. I tried it on just before i started writing this post and it is the most velvety smooth, lip cream i have ever used. It is quite thick and i know for some people that can be a problem, but for me it's fine. Another thing people may also dislike about this product is the smell, this lip cream smells like vanilla which i love, but i know that not everyone likes lip products that smell so i thought i would let you know.

The last thing in my bag is my Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Can't We Just Make Love Instead. I spoke about this product on my Makeup Revolution Haul and ever since then I've been in love. It is very like the Collection Cream Puff however it is a lot thinner, it dries mostly matte and doesn't dry my lips out at all. This product however does smell quite sweet, almost like frosting, the smell is quite potent which i know some people hate but i quite like it.

So that was everything in my bag, i hope you enjoyed my Spring Edition of What's In My Bag. I really enjoyed writing this post, so keep your eyes open for my summer What's In My Bag because i am definitely going to write one!

If you had to only have 5 things in your bag what would it be? Let me know below!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Product Review- Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

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Product Review- Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

Hey Whisperers, 

Over the past few weeks, everytime i go on Instagram or Twitter this eyeshadow palette is everywhere and so when i was shopping in Solihull the other day I decided to pop into Superdrug and pick it up. This palette is a collaboration between Makeup Revolution and BritishBeautyBlogger. It has 30 eyeshadows both shimmer and matte finish. The moment i picked up this palette i knew i had to do a blog post about it because it is so beautiful. And so this is my review of the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favour The Brave Palette. 

Price- £9.99

The first thing that i noticed about this palette was the packaging. The gold matte finish makes the product appear very high end and the gold foil logo draws your eye straight to the product. I am a huge stickler for packaging and i completely love this packaging. The product itself is quite large however it isn't a ridiculous size like other palettes i own with this amount of eyeshadows. 

Onto the part that i'm guessing most of you care about; The eye shadows. As i said before there are 30 eye shadows in this palette, which is amazing for the price. One thing i love most about this palette is the different selection of shades, i've had large eyeshadow palettes before that have pretty much the same shade 3 times but each shade in this palette is different. Each shade in this palette also has an individual name which, i love because it makes it so much easier to describe when blogging about a makeup look, however most people will probably throw the clear name sheet away.

Shade by shade review- 

 Glimmer is a shimmery champagne colour. It is the perfect amount of shimmer and blends amazingly.
 Buffer, like the name suggests is the perfect transition colour. It is a light/midtone matte brown with peachy undertones. 
Peachy is a pink shimmer shade. It is the most 'bright' colour in the palette but i think blended with some of the other shades it would be a perfect spring shade.
Hope is a dark brown shimmery shade. In the pan it looks more brown, however when on the lid it is more of a copper/brown mix.
Fortune is a more golden version of hope and is definetley had a bronze shimmer to it. I think this colour would be perfect for a more dark grunge look. 
Skyline is the first of the marbled shadows in the palette, it is a navy blue shimmer shadow with gold running throughout. I've never really used blue eyeshadow before so i'm looking forward to trying this one out.
Transformer is a dark navy blue colour. When i swatched this colour i was quite surprised to see the amount of green in it as in the pan it looks like a plain blue shade.
Midnight Rainbow- 
Midnight rainbow is a shimmery navy blue. I love this shade and i think it would be perfect if you wanted to add a little extra to a smokey eye.
Ice Cloud-
Ice cloud is one of my favourite shadows in this palette. It is the perfect shimmery shadow for an inner corner highlight. It is a very pigmented white eyeshadow which i find hard to fine
Golden Coins-
Golden Coins is the second marbled eyeshadow in the palette. It is a mixture of burgundy and gold, which when swatched creates a beautiful golden pink shade. 
Cashmere is a light brown shimmer shade, it is very similar to hope however it is slightly lighter.
Tip Top-
Tip top is a matte olive green eyeshadow. I have never really worn a green eyeshadow and so i am quite weary about this shade, however i do want to try it out.
Yes Please- 
Yes Please is a green shimmer shadow, when swatched it is more of a brown shade. 
Green Machine-
Green Machine is another marbled green eyeshadow. This shade is an dark olive shimmer eyeshadow, it blends very easily. 
Smoothie is a dark green eyeshadow with blue undertones. I have no clue how i am going to use this eyeshadow but i love it.
Caffeine fix- 
Caffeine fix is the perfect brown colour. It is perfect for depending up the crease. It is definetley going to be one of my most used colours in this shadow.
Latte is a lighter brown, colour which i love. It's perfect colour for a no makeup, makeup look. Perfect if you're younger or at school.
Pink Diamond-
Pink Diamond is a light pink shimmer shade. It is a very shimmery colour, something i don't really like, however the shade itself is a beautiful.
Creme is a matte off white shade, it is a perfect shade to set your primer or to add a slight brow bone highlight. 
Drama Queen-
Drama Queen is a perfect matte purple shade. It is easily blendable and isn't too dark.
Lonely Planet-
Lonely Planet is another marbled eyeshadow, it a mix between burgundy and black. I love the marbled look of this eyeshadow however when mixed it is more of black eyeshadow.
Blacqua very pigmented matte black eyeshadow. I only used a small amount to test it on my hand and the pigmentation is insane.
Soft is an off white/pink matte eyeshadow. It's a perfect eyeshadow to use as a base or as an inner lid colour.
New World-
New World is my favourite shade of all of the shades in this palette, It is a perfect light pink shimmer shade when swatched.
Favour is a darker pink shimmer shade. It is a darker shade of Pink Diamond which is perfect for creating a gradient look.
Sunset Hour-
Sunset Hour is a shimmery copper shade. It when blended out it has the perfect copper shade for a darker eye look.
Super Gold-
Super Gold is the last marble colour in the palette. It is a mix of brown, burgundy and gold. When mixed together it's a beautiful brown shimmer shade.
Winning is the lightest purple in the palette, however it is still quite dark. It is a matte colour, i can see myself using this colour a lot when doing smokey eyes.
Brave is a dark purple shade, which when swatched is more of a black/smokey grey colour. In the pan the shade looks quite shimmery however when swatched it wasn't as shimmery as the other shades in the palette.
The Revolution- 
The Revolution is the last colour in the palette, it is a dark shimmery purple. When looking at the palette it does look the same as Brave however when swatched it is definetley darker and more on the black side. 

Up Close Look- 

Overall, i do really like this palette the selection of shades is amazing for the price and the quality of the eyeshadows is something i would expect from a high end brand not a drugstore brand. I can definitely see this palette becoming one of my favourite palettes that i own. The palette is currently out of stock on the Makeup Revolution website however i found mine in my local Superdrug (or you can order it online Here and get it in the 3 for 2 deal currently on at Superdrug)

If you have any questions about this palette don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Furry Friend Tag

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The Furry Friend Tag

Hey Whisperers,

So i was struggling for ideas for today's post when my cat decided that she wanted to nap on my laptop. After staring at her for a few seconds wondering how she could sleep on a laptop which was blaring music i decided i was going to blog about her today and so i have decided to do the furry friend tag. 

Let's get down to the questions then shall we :) 

What is your pet's name?

My cat's name is Misty. I called her Misty because when i first went to pick her out she was a lovely smokey grey colour and the name fit her perfectly, however as she grew her fur turned black so i guess it doesn't suit her so much anymore. However, her two brothers which my Nan brought stayed the same grey colour. 

What kind of pet is it and what breed?

My pet is a Cat and i don't actually know what breed she is. I got her from a breeder almost 9 years ago and we were never told by the breeder what her breed was. 

How long have you had your pet?

I have had my cat for almost 9 years (8 years 8 months) to be exact.

How did you get your pet?

I got my pet as a birthday present from my parents on my 10th birthday. 

How old is your pet?

She is 8 years old, 9 in 2 months. 

What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

She loves the rain. Most cats hate water but not her she loves it, she claws at the door until we let her out.  

What are some of your favourite memories with your pet?

Quite a few years ago i was off school for the day because i was ill and i woke up to my cat lying in bed with me licking my cheek. Her breath stank but she refused to move. She isn't allowed in my room so she never normally comes in but that day she did and she spent the whole day cuddling and watching movies with me. 

What nicknames do you call your pet?

I don't really have any other nicknames for her apart from Mist which half the time she doesn't answer too she's a very picky cat. 

I know this post was a little different to posts i've done in the past but i hope you enjoyed it! If you have a pet let me know below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Song of the week #1

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Song of the week #1

Welcome back, Whisperers

Today I will be starting a new series on the blog called Song of the week. This week i have been obsessed with a song and thinking back i realised that i pretty much get obsessed with a new song every week, and so i thought that i would make a weekly post about it. I will still be continuing with my regular schedule (Beauty- Tuesday, Lifestyle- Thursday, Freestyle-Sunday) and i will be posting my Song of the Week on a Saturday. 

This week my song of the week is Kicks by Lauren Aquilina. 

I have been a fan of Lauren for around 4 years and her music is always so full of emotion that it just gives me goosebumps. When i first heard Kicks i instantly fell in love. I have heard all of Lauren's original songs and there is just something so different about this song. 

As Lauren said leading up to this song 'It took two and a half heart breaks to write this album. This song is about the half' and it shows in the song. The energy and passion behind the song is nothing i've ever heard from Lauren before and i love it.  The song itself is, from what i can tell, about how she was used by a guy. Something i'm pretty sure most people have been through, and so i think that this song will hit home with a lot of people who hear it.

Obviously because i have been listening to Lauren for a long time i did already know about the release of this song, However, i was also amazed to hear it on Radio One so soon after it was released (to which i fangirled, I have no shame, her music is so worth it). I am so excited for the rest of this album to be released, with a song like Kicks to 'kick it off'' (see what i did there :P) i'm sure the rest of the album will be amazing. 

Enjoy the song! I'll be back next week with Song of the week!

Thanks For Reading,
Soph xoxo

Other song suggestions from this artist (all links to spotify) - 
King - My favourite song ever by her

Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Favourite YouTube Covers

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My Favourite YouTube Covers
Hey Whispers,

I am a huge fan of YouTube, something if you have been here a while you will already know. One of my main reasons for loving YouTube is for the music people share. Now don't get me wrong i love the beauty videos and daily vloggers but music videos/covers are my favourite thing about YouTube and so today i thought i would share with you some of my favourite YouTube covers.

Gravity- Sara Barielles Covered by The Gardiner Sisters ft AJ Rafel

I first found The Gardiner Sisters around 4 years ago and i instantly fell in love with their voices. This song in particular gave me goosebumps. I not only love the way that this song was covered but the story that it tells. These sisters have the most incredible voices and their original songs are AMAZING.

Almost Is Never Enough - Ariana Grande ft Nathan Sykes Covered By Andie Case and Ajay Marshall 

Now when this song first came out i wasn't really a big fan of it but when i heard this cover i fell in love. Andie has such an amazing voice and paired with Ajay this cover was incredible. A lot of people didn't like Ajay's voice and didn't think it fit the cover but i completely disagree, i think it fits perfectly.

What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber covered by Cimorelli 

Now this band is probably one of my favorite bands i have found on YouTube. The Cimorelli sisters have such a variety of voices in the band and it just makes every cover they make more amazing. I started listening to this band around 3 years ago and they are incredible. I know Justin's original version of this song is amazing but i personally love this cover more than the original. The high notes that Lisa hit in this cover were insane and it has to be one of my favourite YouTube covers that I've found to date (also the bloopers at the end are pretty funny too).

Wake Me Up/Hey Brother - Avicii Covered by Anthem Lights ft Gracie Schram 

This cover has to be in my top five covers I've found on YouTube. I had already been subscribed to Anthem Lights for awhile before they released this cover but when i heard this cover i fell completely in love. Not only is the cover amazing but the message and reason behind this cover was even more amazing and inspirational. 

Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce covered by Superfruit

When i saw this cover i wasn't expecting to like it, however when i listened to it i couldn't help but like it. The song itself is a bit too risque for my liking but Superfruits personalities made me love it! The rapping is insane and i am not ashamed to say that i now know it word for word because of how many times I've listened to this cover.

Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's covered by Max Schneider

Now this cover is a little older than the previous ones however i still love it. I have always loved the original song however the simplicity of this cover made me love it even more. I love how simple this cover is, just Max on a Ukulele singing it's definitely one of the best covers of this song that I've seen. 

Demons- Imagine Dragons covered by Sam Tsui & Max Schneider 

I know i just mentioned a cover by Max Schneider but i couldn't not mention this collaboration too. I used to listen to this cover on repeat day after day not only because i love this song so much but because this cover is so amazing. There is so much talent fit into this one cover from Max and Sam's vocal range to Kurt's incredible piano playing.

Blank Space/Style- Taylor Swift covered by Louisa Wendorff & David

This cover is probably one of the most well known Taylor Swift covers, how could it not be when Taylor herself tweeted it! The mashup of these two songs works so well and the cover is so well put together. Both artists have incredible voices and they work amazingly together, and lets be honest if Taylor Swift loves it it must be good right?

Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men covered by Alexi Blue and Corey Gray

I had been subscribed to Alexi for awhile before this cover was posted and i have to say that even to this day this is probably her best cover. I love this song anyway but this cover just made me love it even more. The two artists work amazingly together and it is probably one of my most listened to covers.

Pillowtalk- Zayn Malik  covered by Sofia Karlberg

I wasn't a big fan of this song when it came out but this cover is insane. Sofia's voice is just amazing and it fits with the song so well. I have listened to quite a few covers of this song but this is definitely my favourite one I've seen so far.

I hope you enjoyed this post, i know it's a little different from anything I've written before but i thought I'd give it a try. If you have any suggestions for covers i should listen too let me know below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My Spring Makeup Must Haves

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My Spring Makeup Must Haves

Hey Whispers,

So in the UK it's finally starting to look like spring. Flowers are starting to bloom and we are definitely going through the April Showers faze of spring. And so today i thought i would share with you a few of my Spring Makeup Must Haves.

The first thing that is a big must for me is a primer. I usually wear a primer all throughout the seasons however during spring it is a must have for me. Every time the season changes and weather changes my skin turns so dry and breaks out a lot and so recently i have been using the Collection Primed and Ready Pore Minimising Primer. I absolutely love this primer as alongside shrinking my pores it helps a lot with my breakouts as it contains Witch Hazel. Paired with my L'Oreal True Match Foundation this primer is amazing and is a great primer if you're on a budget or if you're just new to primers. 

Next up is a shimmery blush. I always see spring as the season for natural makeup and so i think a shimmery blush is a must. My favourite shimmery blush at the moment is the pink blush from my Makeup Revolution Euphoria Eyeshades & Contouring palette in Bronzed. I love this blush as it isn't a glittery blush like other shimmery blushes i have tried. Instead it is a beautiful pink shade with a hint of gold sheen and it looks beautiful and very natural on the skin. This blush is a very close dupe for Benefit's Rockateur blush, it is just a little bit darker. So if you're looking for a more affordable version for Rockateur  definitely give this a try.

Alongside a shimmery blush a highlighter is also a must for me. With spring being the season for more natural makeup i think a highlighted look is perfect. My favourite highlighter at the moment is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. This highlight is a stunning light shimmery shade and it works perfectly for a natural makeup look. I know this is quite an expensive product but it definitely is worth the price however if you don't want to splash out on this product the highlight from the previous Makeup Revolution palette is a very close dupe for Lightscapade it just isn't as pigmented. 

Next up is eye shadows. I love wearing orange and pink shades during spring on my eyes. One palette i absolutely love at the moment is the Freedom Pro 32 Collection palette. This palette has a great variety of shades and is great for the spring as it gives you a variety of shimmery shades, which i think is a must have for spring. This palette is great for travel and is amazing for the price.

Sticking to the eyes i think that a lengthening mascara is a 100% must for spring. Because i do like to go for more natural looks in spring i prefer a lengthening mascara instead of a volumising mascara, my favourite at the moment is the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara. When i first tried this mascara i was expecting it to very volumising but instead it made my lashes very lengthened something that i love. 

Another thing that is definitely a must have for me is a setting spray. In the UK it rains pretty much every other day in the spring so having a good setting spray is great. My current setting spray is the Magix Prime and Set Spray from Avon. I absolutely love this setting spray it locks in my makeup so well and makes it last all day. I wore this setting spray when i went to get my Septum pierced and my makeup didn't budge even though my eyes were pretty much waterfalls!. 

Last of all is a nude lipstick. I usually stick to pretty bold lip colours however over the past few months i have fell more and more in love with a Nude lip. My favourite lipstick at the moment for this is the Makeup Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in Chauffeur, this lipstick featured in my Makeup Revolution Haul last week and I've pretty much been wearing it everyday since. Another nude i have been loving recently is the Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer Lipstick in Sugar Pop. This lipstick is definitely more of a pink toned nude, but it works great with natural makeup looks. 

I hope you enjoyed this post about my spring makeup must haves! If you have any spring must haves let me know below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Monday, 18 April 2016

Lush Life

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Lush Life

Click For Music

Hey Whisperers,

I've been obsessed with Lush for quite a few years and i always find myself going in every time i see one, even if i don't need anything. Which is exactly what happened today. I was walking round Solihull and i was drawn in. And so today i thought i would talk to you a little about why i love lush and also go through my current Lush collection. 

The first thing i love about Lush is the staff. Working in retail myself i know that shifts can feel never ending and a busy store can cause your stress to go into overload. However, no matter what Lush store I've been in (and I've been in my fair share) the staff have been lovely. You are always welcomed straight away even if it's busy and the staff are always there to help you.

Alongside the staff the products of course are amazing. The thing i love most about the products is that they really do what they say on the label. Every product i have tried from lush has done exactly what it says, Ickle Baby Bot for sleep? Worked. Butter ball for dry skin? Worked they're all amazing. 

Obviously, another big thing which I'm sure most people love, is the fact that everything from Lush has never been tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians. But the thing i love most about this is that they also advertise it and are 'fighting to stop animal testing' something you see on all their bags. I love this as although a lot of places are animal testing free themselves they are not doing anything to prevent animal testing. 

The last thing i love about Lush is the variety. I love so many things from Lush and every time i go in something new seems to be in stock, unlike other places that only stock consistent products, Lush rotate what they make and are coming out with amazing products all the time. The seasonal products are always amazing.

Ok now that I've gone on and on about why i love lush, here's the part of the post I'm sure most of you wanted to see/have skipped forward to (if you have i don't mind i probably would have too :P ) my lush collection.

I hope you enjoyed my post all about my love for lush. I tried something new with the collection so let me know if you liked it down below. Also if you have any Lush suggestions let me know because I'd love to try some new products!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Storytime- Someone made a YouTube Video about me.

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Storytime- Someone made a YouTube Video about me.

Hey Whisperers,

So a few months ago i did a story time post, i really enjoyed that post and so i thought i would write another one. Not too long ago i wrote a post about How To Survive High School, and in that post i talked about about not putting your drama on social media, and so today i thought i would tell you how i found out that although social media can be a great thing it can also be one of the worst things too. 

This story time is all about the time a girl made a YouTube video about me. 

Going through high school i never really fit in. I spent quite a few years moving from friendship group to friendship group trying to find a place where i fit in, and then in Year 9 i finally did. In Year 9 i met my best friend Chloe, we spoke 24/7 and we're really close. Throughout the year we stayed close and then in Year 10 everything changed. We had separate lessons, separate friendship groups and we basically grew apart. By this point i had become close with another group of people in my lessons and i was finally happy to have a group of friends who I had things in common with. 

As i grew closer to my group of friends i trusted them more and more, i told them so much about me and i told them things about Chloe too. Something looking back now was probably stupid, but i did it anyways. This was how the argument started. A secret Chloe told me got out and from then onward we pretty much hated each other. 

Fast forward a few months and the arguments still continued, by now it was a daily thing. This was when the argument was taken to Facebook. At this point indirect statuses where pretty much the go to when you were pissed at someone so it didn't surprise me when i saw one about me.  After this a lot of people outside of the argument got involved and more statuses were written. The most memorable status was an indirect status written on someones Facebook who wasn't even involved. The argument on that status, looking back now was hilarious. With over 200 comments and at least 15 people involved it was the status  that lead to us having to go into a mediation meeting. Which to be honest did pretty much nothing, if anything it led to more tension. 

After the mediation i was just about done with the crap. But I'm pretty sure we all know how it is, you might not be bothered but you still get told everything about whats going on. This was when i had a YouTube video made about me. 

I was sitting in my Travel and Tourism lesson when i was told about the video by a friend. I was first of all pissed (rightly so), and then i was pretty much amused. The video was made by Chloe and her new best friend Kristie. I was slagged of (indirectly of course), called fat, called a bitch  and many other things. Now this is why drama on social media is never a good thing. Not only did me and a few people in my class see this video but so did people all over the school. I also wasn't the only person talked about in the video so were some of my friends. Now this is what annoyed me the most. I have always been protective of my friends, so the moment they were dragged into the video i was pretty pissed.

It wasn't long until they found out I had seen the video and they were so amused. However by this point, teachers had also found out and things got a little more serious.

By this point we were half way through Year 11 and the argument was still going on. During this time i had given up with the argument, my group of friends did everything we could to avoid them. Not because we didn't care, we did, we just had more important things to worry about. Like GCSE's and Coursework things that actually mattered. We moved to a different place at break and lunch, only to be followed by them. Walked different routes to class so we didn't have to deal with them, only yo be followed. Looking back it was ridiculous, but at the time all we wanted was to move on. 

By the time we reached the end of Year 11 and graduated, we still had problems with them. Still to this day I don't get along with Chloe. Not because of what she did when arguing with me, but to the people who she got involved. 

Looking back i probably wouldn't change anything that happened because it made me stronger and although it was a ridiculously long argument and at times i didn't know if i could handle it, i learnt so many things. I learnt who my real friends are. I learnt that although schools act like they care about bullying they don't. And the main thing i learnt is that social media is not the place to post your drama. If the argument had been kept off social media, it not only would have probably ended faster but so many people wouldn't have ended up upset and involved. 

I know reading this you will probably find the whole thing ridiculous but looking back i realise that if i wasn't as strong as i was and if i didn't have the friends and support i did have i could have easily not survived it. 

Our parents say that we have life easy now that we have things like the internet and social media but they're wrong. We have it worse. Back when my parents were young an argument was pretty much ended with a fight or nasty row,  but now it can go on for months, or in my case years. It can be posted online for anyone to see, for anyone to comment on or share. Life is hard enough without getting the internet involved. 

If you're in the middle of an argument and are about to post something on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. Stop for a minute and think, is it really worth it? Because i can guarantee it isn't. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post, i know it was a bit more serious and personal but it was something that i knew i had to post about. Let me know in the comments below if you've been through anything similar and how you dealt with it!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

If you need someone to talk to and you are being bullied please don't hesitate to call and talk to a counsellor on 08001111 (all calls are free and confidential)  or if you don't feel comfortable you can also sign up and speak to a counsellor 1-2-1 on their website at www.childline.org.uk. You are never alone. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

How to survive high school.

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How to survive high school.
Hey Whisperers,

For me surviving high school (well senior school in the UK) was hard. I dealt with a lot of things, bullying, balancing work, studies, friendships and relationships. To be honest it was one big car crash. But looking back now i kinda miss it. Growing up my parents always said that i would miss school when i was finished and i never believed them, and so i guess this is my way of saying they were right. So today i thought i would give you guys some tips on how to survive high school, seeing as i've been thinking about it all so much recently. 

One thing that is a MUST for surviving high school, is surrounding yourself with the right people. Now i know making friends is hard believe me i know, but there is nothing more comforting and amazing than having a group of friends you can go through high school with. For me, i met my friends throughout the years of school. I struggled a lot in the beginning as i didn't want drama, i just wanted to fit in and i soon realised that fitting in wasn't what i needed to do. I needed to be me. Realising this helped me find some of the most amazing friends, friends i still have today. You will have friends, you will fall out and you will lose friends, it will suck and it will hurt but there will always be someone else going through the same thing as you. There's always someone else out there who needs someone too. So don't shy away from people, because having those friends by your side to help you through what seems the never ending years of high school, is the best feeling. 

Ok, moving on from that cheesy paragraph. Another thing that i can not push hard enough is KEEP YOUR DRAMA OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. Oh my god, going through high school every kind of drama, small or big was all over Facebook and Twitter and it just made it much more of a struggle than it needed to be. I know that it feels so good to get your anger out by posting a indirect on Twitter but let's think this through guys, is it really worth it?. When i was 14 i was one of those people who threw my drama onto Facebook and it made the whole situation worse. People got involved that didn't have anything to do with it, so many more people got hurt, into crap and to be honest it was all one huge shit tip and it was ridiculous. If like me you need to get your anger out write it down , go on BlahTherapy and vent to someone you don't know. Don't put it on Facebook or Twitter where everyone knows you because once you put it out there it will never go away, all it takes is one person to screenshot it and it will circulate like nobodies business. 

Next up is studying. Now i know you probably hear this all the time from your parents, teachers ect. But studying helps surviving high school so much easier. First of all you won't have to deal with your parents bugging you about your grades. Or your teacher giving you detention for the F grade you got on that last exam. It does take a lot of time to study and i know it seems like it isn't worth it and that winging it on the exam will be a lot easier but at the end of the day it's better to have good grades and no parents on your back than bad grades and parents and teachers on your back. Plus good grades means better opportunities.

However, although studying is very important you also have to give yourself a break. Now the first thing i said was crucial for surviving high school was a good group of friends. Getting those friends is important but maintaining the friendships is also crucial. Go out, spend time with your friends. You have to let yourself have some you time because if you don't sooner or later you will start to hate high school because you'll feel trapped. High school is important but so are you. One thing nobody ever really told me in high school was that although grades are important you're mental health is more important. I have seen so many people get so stressed because of school that they have fell into depression, developed anxiety and it sucks it really does because when you look at it, school is just 5 years of your life. But your mental health is your forever. So every now and again you have to let go and be a kid and let go of all of the exam stress, studying and grades. Just have fun.

Like i kind of touched on in my last point is always put your health first. I know that you might be reading this thinking that what you're going through is nothing and that you can handle it yourself, but a lot of the times you can't. Nobody talks about mental illness in school, at least not in any school i've heard of or been to and it is such a vital thing. So many students have anxiety and depression because of school and it should be more widely addressed in schools. Now like i said you may think that it is nothing but honestly talking to someone about it can help so much. So talk to someone, a doctor, teacher, friend, counsellor or your parent because putting your mental risk at health because of school really isn't worth it. You need to take care of yourself before you worry about school, because you're life and health is 10000x more important than a piece of paper with grades on it, if which we are honest isn't looked at by most places anyway.

My last tip to surviving high school is respecting your teachers. Now i know this looks like the biggest trap to being called a teacher's pet but honestly, it isn't. Going through high school i got along really well with a few of my teachers. My math teacher (although i hated maths he was great) , my IT teacher, my sociology teacher and even my media teacher (even though i did annoy the crap out of him most the time, he was a good teacher). I know that it can feel like teachers are targeting you and some probably are, but others are just trying to help you. Teachers hate nothing more than disrespectful, loud mouth students, so if that's the kind of student you are they're obviously going to dislike and make an example of you. Now i'm not saying you have to be their first name basis, best friend. I'm just saying that you should treat them with some respect. Having a good relationship with some of my teachers helped me so much when it came to me needing to talk to someone when i needed help or was going through stuff because bottling up your insecurities about school will just lead you to hate it.

So that was my tips on how to survive high school. If you have any other tips let me know down below!

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul

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Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey Whisperers,

So first off, sorry that their was no beauty post last week. This was supposed to be the post that went up but unfortunately the products were not delivered until today. I do love all of the products however, i don't think that i will be ordering from the companies website again due to the amount of time that i had to wait for the products. When i ordered the products on the 26-03-16 it said they would be delivered within 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri) which i was fine with however the products only arrived today (7-4-16). I will be ordering more products but instead i will probably order them from the Superdrug website.

I originally went on the Makeup Revolution website to get their new eye shadow palette however, by the time i got on the website it was all sold out (story of my life!!). I however did then see that there was a spring sale on and we all know there was no way i wasn't going to have  a look. Anyway, while browsing the sale section i found a few items that i couldn't pass up trying out and so those are the products I'm going to show first.

Ultra Velour Lip Cream-Move your mouth forever - 

  1. £1.50 Sale Price
  2. £3.00 Original Price
I chose this product because I've tested a few of the Ultra Velour lip creams in store and i have always liked the texture however, for some reason I have never purchased them. I am quite a bold lip kind of person, however recently i have been trying out some more 'natural' lip colours and so i thought for £1.50 i would try this shade. The nude colour of this lip cream is my favourite kind of nude as it isn't too different than my natural lip colour making it simple enough to wear to work and on natural makeup days.

Ultra Velour Lip Cream-Can't we just make love instead

  1. £1.50 Sale Price
  2. £3.00 Original Price
Alongside Move your mouth forever I also got the Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Can't We Just Make Love Instead, i chose to get this shade as well as it is a little more bright than the previous lip cream and so i thought i would be able to wear it on days that i wear a little more makeup. Another thing i love about these lip creams is the cupcake/buttercream smell. I am quite picky about the smell of lipsticks, lip creams ect. because i do have quite a strong sense of smell however these smell so good. 

  1. £0.50 Sale Price
  2. £1.00 Original Price
Blush. Can you ever really have enough of it? I have never tried liquid blushes before and so when i saw this blush for 50p i couldn't help but add it to my cart. The colour of this blush is very peachy which i love as i quite like bronzed makeup.

  1. £0.50 Sale Price
  2. £1.00 Original Price
I also got the liquid blush in a brighter pink as i thought i would venture a little out of my comfort zone and try something new. I mean why not it's only 50p right?

  1. £1.99 Sale Price
  2. £2.99 Original Price
I got this eye-shadow palette for when i travel. I have a lot of makeup and most of my makeup palettes don't really fit in makeup bags and so i thought i would try this smaller palette. I love the natural shades in the palette so hopefully they blend well.

  1. £3.00 Sale Price
  2. £6.00 Original Price
Now i couldn't not get this product. For £3 it's great. I already own a different version of the blush, highlight and bronzer in a separate trio palette however, like the previous palette i thought this would be great for travelling because it does also have the eye shadows. The bronzer is a great shade for contouring if you have fair skin but it is easy to go overboard. The blush in this palette is very shiny and almost metallic looking in the pan however when on the skin it is a lovely rosy colour. The highlighter and eye shadows have great colour payoff and i am so glad i got this palette, it is amazing value even at it's full price.

  1. £2.00 Sale Price
  2. £3.00 Original Price
As i said before, you can never have too much blush. One thing i have noticed a lot when watching tutorials online is that a lot of people set their liquid blush with a powder one and so i got this pink blush to set my pink liquid blush. I also think it is a beautiful colour to use on it's own and for £2 it was  great price. The blush is also very pigmented so a small amount goes a long way. 

Alongside the sale products, i also purchased two lipsticks too. I have been in love with the colour of these lipsticks since Makeup Revolution posted a picture of them on Instagram, but no matter how much I've tried i haven't been able to find them in store and so i decided to order them while i was on the website. 

Rose Gold Private Members Club

  1. £3.00
I am in love. Dark purple lipsticks are my favourite shade of lipstick to wear, so when i saw this lipstick on Instagram i knew i had to have it. It is such a rich dark purple shade and it looks amazing in the bullet. Reading the reviews on this product also helped me decide to buy it as the reviews said that it was creamy and opaque something i definitely agree with.  

  1. £3.00
Looking at these lipsticks i soon came across this one. I absolutely love the colour and as i previously said i am trying to try out some more 'nude' lipsticks which are more wearable everyday as although definitely love my statement lipsticks they don't always match every outfit. And so i thought that getting this shade would be great. I do already have the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Absolutely Flawless, which does seem pretty similar to this lipstick however i thought i would try,

One thing i love about the lipsticks is the packaging it is so beautiful. The packaging shape itself does resemble MAC. something that i did notice straight away however the rose gold sheen had me wanting these lipsticks as soon as they were released.

I hope you enjoyed this mini makeup revolution haul! Let me know below if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them!

Thank you for reading

Disclaimer- All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. I am not at all sponsored by Makeup Revolution. All product names link to the specific webpage for the product. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

My blogging essentials

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My blogging essentials

Hey Whisperers, 

For me there are so many things that impact my blogging, my attitude and definitely my environment, however i have noticed that there are a few things that i have found that help me so much when i am blogging and so today i thought i would tell you my blogging essentials. 

Every blogger. blogs in a different way, some people have to blog in silence so they can focus on their writing others have to listen to music to stay focused. I am definitely the second of the two. One of my main essentials is music. When  blogging i have to be either alone in my bedroom with music playing or have my earphones in blasting music. It has to be just me, music and my thoughts. I have never really been the kind of person who can do things in silence i always had to have music on when i was studying, drawing or editing it was a major must for me. I mainly write alone in my bedroom because it is a lot easier to focus when I'm alone and so my music normally plays out loud. One thing i hate doing however is having to switch songs mid paragraph and so i normally listen to a playlist on spotify. 

Another blogging essential for me is my notebooks. When i first started blogging i used to scribble down my ideas on paper and it didn't take me long until i realised i needed a notebook. One thing i find essential is to have more than one notebook. The first notebook i have is a black notebook covered in hearts, i take this notebook everywhere, to work, to shopping, in the car... everywhere. One thing that i realised early on is that i randomly have thoughts for posts and so having this notebook is great as i can note down ideas messily when I'm on the go with small plans and not have to worry about it getting messy. The other notebook i have is a hardback notebook,  i love this notebook so much. In this notebook, i list all of the information on my blog, what blog posts i want to write, when i wrote them and what each category of my blog contains.  I find it a lot easier to have a 'draft' notebook and 'final' notebook as i can note down ideas and plans in one but keep track of stuff in the other book. 

My next blogging essential is time. This seems pretty obvious but it wasn't something i ever thought about before is started blogging. Blogging is a very time consuming 'hobby' and time is an essential thing to have because without time your blogs will be rushed and looking back and reading some of my older posts i can really tell the times i rushed because the posts are of a lot lower quality. If time is something you struggle with maybe setting one day a week to write your blog is something you could try out. 

Next up is a good camera. Now this is something that although i do have i haven't started using yet. When i look at pictures of products i have taken i can tell the quality isn't 100% however the camera i have currently i am still learning how to 100% use and so i don't want to start using it right now. However, the quality of the pictures i take isn't overly bad and for those i use my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera, which is fine i would just prefer higher quality photo's so you guys can see the pictures more clearly. 

Another thing i think is essential when blogging is to have a schedule. I didn't think about schedules when i first started blogging and so it soon became too much for me and because of that i created a schedule. When creating a schedule make it realistic, because it is so easy to create a schedule that although you think might work will actually do nothing but stress you out. My schedule for example is three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday the three days a week i don't work so that i know i will be able to take time to write my posts. 

Alongside scheduling connecting with your audience is also a huge blogging essential for me. I love blogging but i also love interacting with my audience, which is why i creates social media accounts and pages so i could keep in contact with my readers. My blog is for my readers and so connecting with you guys is a huge essential for me.

Finally my last blogging essential is to have fun. It is so easy to fall into the blogging blues, but if you keep on top of your posts and think about why you first started blogging you will soon realise it is all worth it. Don't stress out about not posting one day, because it is your blog you can miss a few days. Don't stress about views because views aren't everything. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's post! If you blog put your URL down below because I'd love to check your blogs out!

Thanks for reading,