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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Write My Life- My Life in writing

Hey Whisperers,

So my writers block is still in full swing so i thought that today i would tell you the story of my life. I know this is normally done through a video but i thought i would write it all instead, so i guess let's get to it. This is going to be one long story.

I was born on the 18th August 1997. I was going to be called Rebecca Sophie but the women in the bed next to my mom called her daughter Rebecca so my mom decided to swap the names around and that is how i got my name Sophie Rebecca. 

Thinking about it now i could never imagine myself being called Rebecca it wouldn't suit me at all.

When i first started primary school, in reception i absolutely hated it. I was so upset my teacher had to sit me down with a jigsaw just to make me be quiet. I soon settled into school and i loved it. As i went through school i got more and more close to my friends and they soon became my best friends. I grew up with them and we knew everything about each other. Throughout primary school I was bullied a lot by one girl and even after my mom went to see the principle nothing got done because they didn't believe her ( obviously i would make up being bullied right?!). I remember the one time in the school holidays when i was out with one of my friends and the girl who bullied me put the outside spikey part of an conker down my back and pushed me against the wall so the spikes stabbed me. 

I stayed friends with the two girls i was friends with until we left for secondary school where we split up and went to different schools. I loved secondary school, well for the most part anyway. When i joined in year 7 i got settled into the wrong crowd but i soon got out of it. I became what most people will call a geek or nerd. I was part of a science club and i loved it. After separating out of the wrong crown in year 7 i became friends with a group of girls in my classes. We became really close and i was finally happy and on the right track. I stayed in that group of friends until year 8 when my worst nightmare happened (well my worst nightmare at the time). The girl who had bullied me for my whole primary school years joined my secondary school AND became buddies with my best friends. We all know how this ended right? I was pushed out and i became part of another group. Honestly although i hated it at the time this was probably the best thing that happened to me.

I became friends with a whole different group of people and i was so much happier. Over the course of the year i became closer with one girl in the group and as time went on we formed a friendship group with a group of girls from different classes. This was when i met my  old best friend. I got really close with one of the girls from a different class and we did everything together, we did the cheesy 'facebook best friend marriage' and we were inseparable. At the end of year 8 and the start of year 9 i became close with yet another group of people and our friendship groups blended. It was this year that i met my best friend. My cousin was dating Greg and we became really good friends, even after they broke up we still remained really good friends. We didn't have any classes together but spoke constantly through text and saw each other at break and lunch. As time went on and we went into year 10, we were pretty much inseparable, we text 24/7 and his girlfriend hated it ( i found it funny but hey i get why she was mad). 

At the end of year 10, me, Greg and my other friend Lucy were chosen to be prefects. We were so happy but the other people in out group turned bitter about it. It was at this time that me and my 'best friend' stopped talking, she hated how close i was with Greg and honestly just turned nasty. This was also the time the longest argument of my life happened. I don't even know what started the argument but it lasted for over a year. Facebook comments, mediation's and full blown arguments, it was then when i realised who my true friends were. Looking back i don't regret the argument because it did make me stronger as a person. 

At the start end of year 10 was when me and Greg fell out, we went through the whole 'more than friends' moment and argued after and well that turned into not talking for weeks. But even after the whole argument we still ended up friends. It was then a few weeks into year 11 when Greg introduced me to my other best friend, Brit. 

I will never be able to thank him enough for introducing me to a girl who has changed my whole life. 

This was also one of the worst times in my life. I felt like i should have been so happy, i had great friends, i was doing well in school and nothing seemed wrong. But i constantly fell down, i felt like i was constantly drowning without a reason why, i couldn't seem to feel happy and i soon believed i just didn't deserve to be. To this day i still don't know what happened that year but i constantly felt down and this was when i self harmed for the first time, something i still haven't spoken to my parents about. Looking back now i wish i never had, i guess all people do but getting over it made me stronger. At the end of year 11 i went to prom, i wasn't going to go to prom. I'm not much of a dress kind of girl, but i was so glad i went i had so many laughs and jokes and it's definitely a night i won't forget. It was also just before this that i chose to attend sixth form at the same school i was at. I started sixth form with the same friends but soon me and Greg fell out again, some of our other friends thought we we're 'too' close and it caused a huge argument. I look back now and realise the argument was ridiculous, but at the time i was so dramatic. 

However over the year we became friends again due to studying the same A-Level. I studied three A-Levels and a BTEC during my first year, I still self harmed and i couldn't help but feel down all the time. This was when my best friend Lucy found out. I still remember the day that she sat me down and spoke to me about what was happening and there was a lot of tough love involved but it got through to me. It was after that that i decided that i needed to find every way i could to stop. And i did, it didn't happen overnight but i got through it. 

I then entered my second year and then dropped down to two A-Levels and a BTEC. During my second year i started applying for University, i was so excited but looking back now i think i was only excited because it was something i was doing with my friends. As the year continued i stayed close with my four best friends, Lucy, Greg, Brit and Emma and ended up accepting a university offer from Nottingham Trent, as did Greg. I booked my accommodation and started buying things for my room. I was so excited about the future.

When i finished Sixth form i was so excited. I left with a B in Media Studies, a C in sociology and a Distinction * (A*) in ICT. But as i got closer to the university start date i realised it wasn't at all what i wanted. I was on holiday in Cornwall and i made myself ill because i was so worried about going. It was then that i decided to transfer to Coventry University. However as the week went on i decided i didn't want to go at all and decided to drop out altogether. 

Looking back now, i do miss school. Growing up my parents would always say school will be the best days of your life, i always laughed it off but they were right. 

While all of this was going on, i was on holiday. Probably the best holiday of my life. I spent two weeks in Cornwall with a group of people I've known my whole life. I have never laughed so much in my whole life. I had so much fun and i truly learnt the meaning of family. You might not get to pick your biological family, but your heart does get to pick some family and my heart picked an amazing bunch of people for me to call family.

When i came back from holiday, i knew i didn't just want to sit around and do nothing so i applied for a job at my local grocery store and got an 8hr a week contract. By the end of the first week my contracted was upped to 12hrs and by the second week it was upped to 16hrs. And this is where i am now. On the 7th February 2016 i posted my first blog post and i have been writing ever since i love blogging and hope to keep blogging for as long as possible.

Blogging is a way for me to get my thoughts out, a way for me to talk about things I'm passionate about and i love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy, write my life, if you have any questions feel free to comment. 

Thank You for reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer- All names have been changed for privacy reasons. 

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