February 2016 - Planet Whispers

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

B. Latex Free Blending Sponge- Product Review

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B. Latex Free Blending Sponge- Product Review

Hey Whisperers,

So last Thursday i took a trip to town with my family and i made a pit stop in Superdrug. I only went in to pick up another primer but as i usually do, i ended up picking up a bunch of other things too. One of which was the B. Blending Sponge. I kind of have a new obsession with blending sponges, i don't know why but i love them, but no matter what kind of brush i use they just don't compare to the coverage you get from a blending sponge. Alongside my recent obsession for sponges, the price of this product was a huge reason that i got it. £3.32, ok WHAT?! how could i not get it for that price.

The main thing (apart from the price) that drew me to this sponge was the colour. My regular blending sponge the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, is a bright orange colour, which although i love, i still manage to lose amongst all of my makeup products. However the bright pink colour of this blending sponge makes it practically impossible to lose. I also just love the colour in general, I'm not really a big fan of pink it's actually probably my least liked colour, but something about this colour i loved.

When i tried out the sponge i tried it out damp, depending on the time i am doing my makeup depends on the temperature water i use (mornings- cold, afternoon/night- warm). I dampen all of my blending sponges as it helps them to blend the product and also helps to stop the sponge absorbing too much of the product you are applying. One thing that i noticed about the sponge was that it became a lot softer, something that i love about beauty sponges, as i believe that it is a lot gentler on your skin.

When trying out the sponge i used it alongside my everyday foundation, the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. In the picture above you can see how much the sponge expanded after being dampened, compared to the foundation bottle. When applying my foundation the sponge blended it perfectly. It left no streaks or lines in the foundation and left my foundation looking medium to full coverage while also making my face feel hydrated. The sponge also didn't absorb nearly as much product as other blending sponges that i have used which i think is probably because of how much water it absorbed when i dampened it.

After using the sponge i cleaned it using my Real Techniques deep cleansing gel . One thing i didn't love about cleaning this sponge was how long it took to get all of the cleaner out of it. Usually when i use this cleanser on my other sponges it is quite easy to get out, however when using it with the B. sponge it took quite a while to fully get out of the sponge. I do think that this is because of how absorbent the sponge is and not the cleaner. Because this was the first time i had used the sponge i found it quite easy to get the foundation itself out of the sponge however, i do think that the more you use the sponge the harder it will be to get the foundation colour out of the sponge, something i don't mind too much, but i know others do.

Overall, i love this sponge and for the price i don't think that i really have any complaints. The sponge is normally £4.99,  which personally, i still believe is an amazing price for a sponge of this quality. I would highly recommend getting this sponge if you want to try a blending sponge for the first time because it is so affordable. If you have any questions i didn't answer in this post feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Nighttime Routine- Lazy Day Edition

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My Nighttime Routine- Lazy Day Edition
Welcome back, Whisperers,

So today i've pretty much had a lazy day. I went out grocery shopping, came home and pretty much spent the day in my PJ's watching YouTube and Netflix. I normally work Saturdays so i don't normally get to have a lazy day so i was pretty excited about today. My writer's block has passed! Wooo!! And so i thought it would be good to do a nighttime routine post with you. But because i've obviously had more time to relax tonight i've made it a Lazy Day Edition. So let's get into it.

So to start of my nighttime routine i start by washing my hair over the bath. I know that i sounds strange but when i know that i am going to be using a bath bomb i make sure that i was my hair before i get in the bath as i don't want the body oil to get into my hair. I am currently using the L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it smell AMAZING but it has helped make my hair feel and look, both stronger and healthier. I used to hair-dry and straighten my hair all the time so it was very damaged and dry before i started using this shampoo and conditioner but since then it's been amazing.

After i wash my hair i tie it in a loose bun and start to run my bath. As my bath is running i take my makeup off. For the past 6 or so months i have been using the Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to take off my eye makeup. If you have read any of my other makeup posts you would know that i am a huge fan of eyeliner so finding an eye makeup remover that removes my eyeliner is a must and this product is amazing. Another thing i love about this product is how it makes my skin feel the Camomile makes my skin feel so smooth after i use it and i absolutely love it.

I then move on to exfoliating my face. As you can tell by the look of this tube i'm almost completely out of this product and that's rare for me because i switch between skincare products pretty regularly, but this is definitely my favourite. For about a year now i've been using the No7 Purifying Mask to exfoliate my skin. The mask warms up when it comes into contact with water which feels so good on the skin. Although it is a mask, i love using it as an exfoliator and it leaves my skin feeling baby smooth.

After exfoliating my skin i put on either an album i'm loving or the Hot Hits UK playlist on spotify and put my bath bomb in the bath. Today i used the Lover Lamp Valentines bath bomb from Lush. This bath bomb smells absolutely beautiful. After putting it in my bath i wait for it to dissolve. One thing i loved about this bath bomb was the hearts it left all in my bath (one you can see in the title picture) each heart was a red piece of body butter and they varied in size. I then wash with the Clean On Me shower gel by Soap and Glory.

After i wash i exfoliate my skin using the Soap And Glory Sugar Scrub. I love this stuff because it not only leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth but it smells amazing. I then wash again with the Clean on me body wash and shave.

The first thing i do when i get out of the bath is finish off washing my face. I wash my face using the Soap And Glory Peaches and Cream 4in1 Cleansing Milk. I love this cleansing milk because, like all of Soap and Glory's products it smells amazing. My face feels so soft after using this and it is definitely my favourite Cleanser.

When i'm finished in the bathroom i head into my bedroom. I moisturize my body using the Soap And Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter and put on my Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel face gel. I love the face gel as it helps me to control any outbreaks i have and helps my face feel moisturized. I then get into my PJ's and take my hair out of the bun to let it air dry.

This is normally the part of the night where i check or update blog, listen to spotify and watch some YouTube and Netflix. Obviously tonight i chose to write a post. I usually listen to spotify as i blog, for some reason i can't write if it's quiet. (Right this moment i'm listening to Army by Ellie Goulding).

I will usually spend about an hour to two hours taking pictures, emailing them from my phone, editing them, uploading them and writing a post. I'm very picky about my posts so i normally end up re-writing parts of them over and over again. After i finish my post i schedule it and watch the daily vloggers i watch on YouTube (If you want me to do a post on my favourite daily vloggers let me know below). I usually end the night watching a few episodes of whatever TV show i'm watching on Netflix, currently it's Sons Of Anarchy, i then brush my teeth and go to sleep. I like leaving my teeth until right before i go to bed as i tend to drink a lot of flavoured water before i go to bed.  

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions let me know below. Also if you would like a morning routine let me know. 

Thank You for Reading,
Soph xoxo


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Welcome back whisperers,

So over the past few days I've seen a lot of people using the #freekesha hashtag all over social media. The whole ordeal is so sickening and vile that i couldn't not write a post about it.

If you don't know about #freekesha, it is a hashtag that was created by fans to show support to the pop singer Kesha after she lost a plea in court against Dr Luke (the man she said sexually and mentally abused her) and Sony. Most people writing about this think that she has lost the case however she hasn't and instead lost the early plea to be able to personally create music, without the help of Dr Luke , but still have the music prompted by Sony.

However, this doesn't make the hearing any less sickening. Although there is no way of proving that Kesha was physically or mentally abused, being forced to stay in a contract with a person who may or may not have abused her is disgusting. It's like saying, yeah I'll send my child to a babysitter, but they may or may not he a paedophile. You wouldn't think twice you just wouldn't do it, you wouldn't risk their safety.

The one thing that annoys me the most about this whole scandal is the fact that yes because it is Kesha it is in the limelight, but this happens everyday. People are raped, yet when they go to court, they're interrogated and made to appear as if it was their own fault. Nobody deserves to be raped.

If you're wearing a short skirt and have your boobs out, you aren't "asking for it". If you're flirting with someone, doesn't mean they have the right to do it.
No means no, no matter the situation.

The double standards in the music industry are a joke. How can people like Zayn just up and leave a contract because they're "unhappy", yet a woman who may have been raped is forced to stay?. How can a man like Chris Brown who beat a woman have a thriving career, yet a woman who just simply wants to leave a contract is belittled and made to feel inferior because she's scared to work with a man who could have abused her. Its wrong.
Everyone is throwing the blame onto the courts, and while yes they are at a huge fault Sony are just as bad. They could snap their fingers right now and give Kesha the right to her voice back but they haven't. She has practically had her voice taken away. It's disgusting.It's the 21st Century things like this shouldn't be happening.

So many celebrities have spoke up and let their feelings be known, which i think in itself is amazing. But alongside celebrities, thousand of fans and people have come together to support Kesha. It shows what a messed up society we live in, where everyone knows what's happening is wrong but the courts deem it ok.

I honestly think that the more this gets talked about the more that Sony will realise the reality of the choices they are making. So to keep it short, yes i am definitely a supporter of #FreeKesha, not only to support a woman who has lost the right to her own voice, but for victims of rape all over the world who are made to feel alone, belittled and pathetic because of the justice system everyday.


Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Product Review- Avon Big & Daring Mascara

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Product Review- Avon Big & Daring Mascara

Hey Whisperers,

A few weeks ago i ordered the new Big & Daring Mascara from Avon and when i tried it out the other day i knew i had to do a review on it.  When i first got the mascara i was just expecting it to be like any other mascara, i have but it is amazing.

I own a lot of mascaras, alongside eyeliner, mascara is one of my favourite makeup products. Up until this point my favourite mascara has been the High Impact Mascara by Clinique. However this mascara has quickly taken the top spot. When i first got the mascara i was expecting it to be pretty plain, just a normal drugstore mascara that i could carry in my small makeup purse, however it has exceeded my expectations.

Avon Big & Daring Mascara- 10ml- Black
The first thing i noticed about the mascara was of course the packaging, the mascara comes in a black box with the Big & Daring logo on it. One thing i have always loved about Avon is the packaging of their products. I love the small details on the actual mascara tube,the red diamond on the top and the silver strip around the middle something i have noticed they have on most of their products. 

For me packaging is a big sell point on a product and i definitely think this packaging is beautiful.

The next thing i love about the product is the wand. When I first saw the brush i was quite nervous about using it. My eyes aren't the largest and my eyelashes clump together quite easily, so i was worried that i would either end up with mascara all over my eyelid or just end up with 'spidery' clumped lashes, however this was not the case. The slight curve of the brush makes it so easy to separate and coat the lashes with the mascara which i loved and it also made it easier to control where the product was going.

Left to Right : No Makeup, One Layer of Mascara, Second Layer of Mascara, Finished eye makeup

When i applied the first layer of the mascara i was surprised at how dark it made my lashes, as you can see in the first picture my lashes aren't dark at all. One problem i have with a lot of mascaras is being able to reach the lashes in the middle corner but the wand of this mascara reached them straight away without a problem. If you were going for a more natural look i think that one coat of this mascara is more than enough. However, if like me you like super dark, long lashes i would add another coat. Usually i find that lashes start to clump together a lot more when you apply a second coat however this didn't happen the lashes stayed separated which i loved. 

After i applied the rest of my makeup i knew that this mascara was going to be my new everyday go to mascara. This mascara has everything i would want a mascara to have. The formula is thin enough to coat. volumize and curl the lashes without being too thick to apply a second coat. I also love how long wearing the mascara is, i wore this mascara to work and normally halfway through my shift some of my mascara will have worn off and 'crumbled' beneath my eyes which lets be honest nobody wants, however this mascara lasted the whole shift. 

One problem i did have with this mascara is that it is quite hard to remove, something that i don't necessarily mind however i thought that i would warn you. It took me a little bit longer to get this mascara off I'm not sure whether it was because i used more than one coat or if it was just because it is so long wearing. 

Overall i would suggest this mascara if you're looking for a new affordable mascara as it is quite affordable and is definitely a good product. The formula is great and it is incredibly long lasting making it perfect for long days of fun nights out.

If you try out this mascara let me know below how you liked it. Also let me know if you have any products you would like me to try out!

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo  

Other Eye Makeup Worn-
Eyebrows- Soap And Glory Archery brow tint
Eyeliner- Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner
Eyelid Shadows- Cargo Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow in  Bloomberry and Devonshire on the lid. Set with MUA eyeshadow in Cherub 
Inner corner highlight -  MUA eyeshadow in Air and Bed Head Cyberoptics pressed pigment in Gold.
Under Eye- Cargo Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow in MayFair set with Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Dreaded Writers Block

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The Dreaded Writers Block

Hey Whisperers,

I've hit the dreaded moment that all us bloggers hate, writer's block. I love blogging i really do but for some reason no matter what i start writing it just doesn't flow. I've spent the day lying in bed watching Netflix and eating chocolate, i made a short trip to the shop and that's pretty much all I've done. Exciting right? 

Right now i wish i could be here. sat in my comfy warm bed, listening to Adele and blogging about something that actually matters. Something that you would actually would want to read. But believe me it's not happening. I've spent the last hour writing post after post and saving them to my drafts box because none of them are worth reading and it's driving me crazy.

This week is a more rushed week at work and although i want to sit down and right blog post after blog post about interesting things nothing seems to be happening. I'm staring at the screen hoping something will magically appear but right now my brain probably looks more like a blob of jelly instead of a hub of ideas.

I know what i have to write, i have pages of blog posts sorted in my notebook just waiting to be written and posted, but i just can't bring myself to write any of them. I guess we all have these feelings sometimes right?  Hopefully my motivation will start flowing again soon. 

If you have any tips for overcoming writers block, let me know below! 

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

Monday, 15 February 2016

My first week of blogging.

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My first week of blogging.

Hey whisperers,

Yesterday, valentines day, marked my first week of blogging. When i started this blog i never really knew what i wanted to blog about or how much i wanted to blog. I still don't. I never realised how much i would love blogging. Originally this blog was just going to be a personal blog, just for me. I wrote it on word because i was too scared to post it online. But the more i posts i wrote the more i realised that i wanted to post for other people too. On Sunday 7th January 2016 i decided to move my blog online and it was the best decision i have ever made. I searched online for hours trying to find a theme i loved and i found one at 2 am on the same day. I know i haven't got my own purchased domain name or theme but that doesn't make me love my blog any less and one day i will have that, but for now i love my crisp woodland theme.

Over the past week i have been so happy. All of my problems have been thrown away and i have focused on my blog instead of on things that don't matter. It's amazing how much one week can change things. I never thought i would reach 100 views in just 3 days! I know compared to other bloggers  that nothing but to me it's amazing. 

My little corner on the Internet has been viewed by 100 people. 

I was so nervous to share this blog with anyone that i know. I guess writing to people online that i don't know is a lot easier than to people i know. I know it sounds strange but i guess that hearing something negative from someone i don't know would be a lot easier than hearing it from someone i know. However last night when i was taking a picture for my Instagram (which you can find on my social media page at the top of the page) i accidentally sent the picture to my best friend. She read my blog and she loved it and now I'm not so sure why i was scared at all. 

Joining the blogging world wasn't something i was planning to do this year but I'm so glad i did. I am still new though. I don't know everything, my drafts pile is a mess and so is my planner, but i'll get the hang of it right?.  I never really realised how much work goes into blogging and now i do and i admire those who have blogged for a lot longer than me. Blogging is hard work but i love it. 

The past week has been both amazing and stressful but i wouldn't change it for the world, it's been perfect. 

So that was today's post, i hope you have enjoyed it they'll be many more posts to come! Let me know if you have a blog too, comment your blog link below and i'll make sure to read it!!

Thank you for reading,

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day- Things to do if you're single on valentines day.

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Happy Valentines Day- Things to do if you're single on valentines day.

Welcome back, whisperers,

If you're spending today with someone you love i hope today has been amazing for you. I hope you feel the love you deserve and share it with the person you love. 

Today may be a day celebrating love, but just because you don't have a valentines it doesn't mean you aren't loved. 

If you're alone today i know how you feel I'm alone today too but you know what? I'm completely fine with it. I know i'm loved, i have amazing friends and family and i may not have found my perfect match yet but one day i will and so will you. 

I know that scrolling down your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds today you're going to have love thrown right in your face but you're just as loved as any of those people you see posting today. Just because you aren't in a relationship doesn't mean you can't celebrate valentines day. 

These are my top ten things to do when you're single on valentines day

Number one- Take the money you would normally spend on a date and spend it on something you've wanted for awhile but held back on buying. Whether it's a pair of shoes you've been looking at for months or some new makeup you thought was too expensive to buy go for it today you're treating yourself.

Number two- Spend today with some of your single friends. I know sometimes it might seem that you are the only single person in your friendship group but i guarantee that someone you're friends with is single today too. Spend the day shopping together or even stay in together watching films. Valentines day is a day to show you're love to everyone even your friends.

Number three- Pamper yourself, take a nice long bath or shower. Use those bath bombs you've been saving and that bubble bath you've wanted to use but had no time too, because you deserve to relax and take a break from the world ( and all those loved up lovebirds on Instagram too)

Number four- Make a playlist of you're favorite girl power songs to pick you up if you ever fall into the valentines black whole of Instagram ( you know you'll do it at least once today). Playlists are a great thing to have today to take your mind off the loved up couples you see around you. 

Number five- Be positive. You may not have a valentines today but that doesn't mean you never will, you've got to kiss your fair share of frogs before you meet your prince right?!. Be happy for people who have a valentines it just means that they have met their match just like you will. 

Number six- Doll yourself up, just because you don't have a valentines doesn't mean you can't add an extra oomph to your outfit or makeup. You never know who you might bump into when you're out, that new lipstick you've been waiting to use could be the one thing that catches the eye of your potential prince charming. 

Number seven- Go out the house. One thing I've noticed over the past few years is that so many single people don't like going out on valentines day. If you don't want to be surrounded by loved up couples stick in those headphones, play that pick me up playlist and block out the world. Life is way too short to waste it staying inside, go out, have fun meet new people. You never know who you'll meet.

Number eight- Go on a date. If you've been speaking to a guy for awhile, maybe try taking the next step. You don't have to go all romantic and go for dinner, you could always just meet up go for a walk. If you aren't speaking to someone go on a friend-date, do something fun, bowling, cinema, shopping. Go out and have some fun

Number nine- Buy yourself flowers. Every girl loves flowers every now and then, so buy them yourself you don't need a boyfriend to have flowers. Go to the shop and treat yourself if anyone asks just say their for you and if you don't want to say just say their a gift. They don't need to know their a gift from you to you. 

Number ten- LOVE. Today is all about love, in all shapes, forms and sizes so make your love known. Send your Mom, Nan, best friend a message let them know that you love them, it will make their day! Remember everyone likes to know they're loved on valentines day. 

So i hope these tips help you today and i you have an amazing day, single or not. I love you. 

 Happy Valentines Day
Thank you for reading
Soph xoxo

Product Review- Freedom Lipsticks.

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Product Review- Freedom Lipsticks.
Hey whisperers,

I was doing some online shopping a few weeks ago when i came across a new brand on Superdrug. I love trying out new makeup so i thought i would give it a look. This was when i discovered Freedom Makeup. 

The first thing i noticed about the Freedom brand is that it is very affordable. One thing i love about makeup is lipsticks, i think they can help turn any makeup look into something special and so when i saw the Freedom lipsticks i couldn't not give them a try.

I brought two boxes of the Freedom lipsticks. Each box has five lipsticks in and costs five pounds each. The packaging of the lipsticks is pretty much the same as any other lipstick you would find in the drugstore, it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. One thing i like about the packaging which i also like about other lipsticks from brands such as MUA is that the bottom of the 'tube' shows the colour of the lipstick. I have found that more high end lipsticks don't have this in their lipstick packaging. However i find it useful as it helps you to locate the lipstick you want without having to go through all the lipsticks and opening each one. 

The quality of the lipsticks is pretty much what you would expect from a drugstore lipstick. I wouldn't say they are comparable to brands such a Mac or Bare-minerals which i didn't expect because of the price. However i do think they can be compared to lipsticks from brands such as Rimmel and GOSH. The initial feeling of the lipstick is waxy and i know this is a big put off for some people but when i went over my lips a few times the lipstick consistency completely changed and was much more moisturising which surprised me. 

The lasting time of these lipsticks isn't that bad either. I would consider using a lip liner with these lipsticks as they do tend to bleed into the skin quite fast but they do last for a considerable time on the lips. The lipsticks do dry glossy and they are very transferable but for a pound lipstick i think they are great, especially if you are just starting out or if you're building up a makeup kit. 

The two sets of lipsticks i brought where the Reds Collection which as the name suggest contained five different red shades and the Vamp Noir Collection which contained five different 'dark', 'vampy' shades. 

The Vamp Noir Collection- 

Intense Noir
The first lipstick in the Vamp Noir collection is Intense Noir. This is possibly my favourite lipstick out of all of these lipsticks. The dark colour of the lipstick is my favourite colour of purple for my lips (as you can tell from the used bullet). This colour is only what i can describe as a plum purple it is not quite opaque but after around two coats it looks great on the lips. 

Dark Paradise
The next shade, Dark Paradise, looks a lot lighter when you look at the bullet however when you apply it to the lips it is a lot darker. Although not as dark as Intense Noir it is also a great purple colour. I would highly suggest this colour if you are looking to try out some darker colours as it will allow you to go a bit darker without having to go really dark. 

Dawn Till Dusk
This next lipstick, Dawn Till Dusk, is a lot lighter than the previous two lipsticks but i still think it is a beautiful shade. I know looking at it it looks very bright but when on the lips it isn't as bright. I think that this colour would look great with a shimmery eye shadow, bronzed face look. 

Vamp Noir
The first thing i love about this lipstick is the name, Vamp Noir i just think that the name itself is beautiful. I also do really love the colour, i find it really hard to find a red lipstick that doesn't make me look like a complete clown however i find that this one is the perfect shade as it isn't too bright.

Pure Vamp
This shade is the lightest in the collection and honestly i don't think it really fits with the rest of the lipsticks in this collection. This shade is a lot lighter than the other shades and i also found that it is a lot more sheer than the other lipsticks. The colour itself is a nice colour and i think it would look great with a valentines look however i don't think it really fits with the 'Vampy'' look of the other lipsticks. 

The Red Collection
(Unfortunately one of these lipsticks isn't in this review as it did come broken)

Born With It
When i first saw this lipstick i was worried about the bubblegum barbie look of it, however when i tried it on the lips i fell more in love with it. When applied on the lips the colour is more sheer and also a touch darker than it is in the bullet. I think that this lipstick is a great lipstick for everyday wear as it isn't too in your face and looks quite natural. 

Make Me Crazy
This next lipstick is what i consider to be the classic red, it isn't too dark but isn't too light. This shade is much more opaque than the previous lipstick and looks great on the lips. Alike many of the other lipsticks it looks a lot lighter in the bullet but it is a lot darker on the lips. If you're looking to try the signature red but don't want to spend a lot of money on it i highly suggest this lipstick. 

This lipstick is a lot like the last lipstick however it is just a little bit lighter and a lot sheerer. I find that when you put all of the red collection lipsticks together they all pretty much look the same but have a few subtle difference. This shade is a bit brighter than the previous shade and looks a little bit more 'fake' in my opinion. 

Red Wine
The final lipstick in this collection is Red Wine. I love this shade as although it is quite similar to Make Me Crazy this shade has a more cranberry colour which looks amazing on the lips. I think that this lipstick would look great on someone with pale skin. 

Overall i think that these lipsticks are an amazing buy for just five pounds for five. I think that they are the perfect buy if you are just starting in makeup and want to get your hands on a few different shades of makeup.  However i do believe that the quality is what you pay for and in turn the lipsticks do have a waxy layer when you first use them and not all of them are as opaque as i would like them. 

Freedom doesn't only sell lipsticks, it also has a range of eyebrow, contour, strobe, eye shadow, primers, bases and tools available online at Superdrug.com, if you would like me to try out any of their other products let me know below by linking the product you would like me to try. 

Thank You for reading,
Soph xoxo

Saturday, 13 February 2016

My everyday makeup

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My everyday makeup
Hey whisperers,

Growing up i was never really interested in makeup, i wasn't one of those girls who liked putting on makeup as a little girl. But the older i got i began to fall more and more in love with makeup. I remember the first time i tried foundation, i brought a cheap one from Avon and loved it. However, little did i know it made me look like more Oompa Loompa than a girl. 

I never really fully got understood makeup until around four years ago when i was fourteen. I began to buy more and more makeup and now at the age of eighteen my makeup collection is something my sister and parents can't understand,.

Today while taking off my makeup i realised that i hadn't yet done a post about makeup and beauty something i love and so this is my everyday makeup products/routine.

The first thing i do when applying my makeup is apply a primer. Over the past year i have really started to love primers, the one i am using right now is the Flawless Colour Correct Primer by Barry M. I love this primer because it helps tone down any breakouts i have while also helping to hydrate my skin. 

The next thing that i do is apply my L'Oreal true match foundation. I apply my foundation with a real techniques sponge, I then conceal any blemishes with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and then highlight my under eyes with the Garnier under eye roller ball. 

I then move on to setting my face, the first powder i use is the 'highlighting' powder from the 'Define and Conquer' pallet by Seventeen. I wouldn't necessarily consider this power a highlighter however i do think it great for setting the under eyes as it is very fine and just light enough to keep them bright. I then set the rest of my face using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder

After i set my face i then move on the contouring and bronzing. The first product i use is the collection 'Contour and Shape' palette, i use the mid-brown contour shade to define my cheekbones, I really like this product as the brown is not too 'muddy' or 'orange' and in turn makes the contour look natural. I then take the brown shade from the 'Define and Conquer' palette that i previously used to set my under eyes to bronze up my cheeks and forehead. 

I then take the blush from the 'Get up and Glow'  palette by Barry M and use the peach coloured blush to add some colour back into my cheeks. I then take the highlighter from the 'Contour and Shape' palette by Collection and apply it to the top of my cheekbones and nose.

Following this i then brush out and fill in my brows using Soap and Glory's 'Archery' brow pencil/brow tint. I love this product so much as the precise tip of the brow tint helps you to create amazingly sharp shaped brows and also allows you to fill in brows naturally. I then set this using a clear gel brow, i don't really have a specific brow gel i like so i pretty much use whichever one i have at hand, 

I then prime my eyes with a little concealer and set it with a skin coloured eye shadow from the Freedom 'Pro 32 eye collection palette'. This palette has been a favourite of mine over the past few weeks as it gives you a large selection of eye shadows. I then take shade 1 circled on the image below and take that into my crease, i then use shade two in my outer v and then finish off by using shade 3 in my inner to mid lid. 

I then  apply the Supercat eyeliner by Soap and Glory to create a Cat-eye eyeliner and apply the 'They're real mascara' by Benefit and the 'Thick and Fast' mascara by Soap and Glory to my lashes. I then finally set my whole face with the Avon Makeup setting spray

I hope you enjoyed this post about my everyday makeup. If you have any questions please leave them below. 

Thank You,
Soph xoxo

Thursday, 11 February 2016

All about my helix piercing.

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All about my helix piercing.
Hey whisperers,

One thing i have always loved is piercings, i love how they allow you to be creative and add a little something extra to your body. I know that so many people dislike piercings and i understand i really do but to me i just see them as an extension of someones personality. Growing up my parents never really liked piercings, they still don't. Up until the age of Sixteen the only piercing i had was my lobes which i had done when i was a child at Claire's.

The older i got the more in love i fell with piercings so when i turned Sixteen i finally got my second lobes pierced and ever since then my love for piercings has grown. When i turned 17 i got both my helix and Tragus pierced. I was terrified. 

Helix jewelry-  Blue Banana
Lobe Jewelry- Primark
Piercing Name- Helix/Cartridge
Pierced at- Blue Banana Birmingham
Pierced with- Needle
Age Restrictions- 13 with parent, 16 with ID
Cost- £23

When i went in to get this piercing i was terrified because up until this point the only piercing i had, had was lobes (seen in the picture above). I was pierced with a needle, and the jewelry i was pierced with was a Teflon coated titanium bar, it did cost more for me to have this jewelry but i paid the extra as it is the most safe when healing and i didn't want to risk anything.

Do not get any cartilage pierced with a gun. Getting cartilage pierced with a gun is very risky and can lead to your cartilage shattering, infection and getting it pierced is more painful overall. 

The pain of the piercing is something very hard to describe. I would not say that it was painless but it was not as painful as i had imagined it would be. One thing that i do with all piercings that i want/planning to get is watch people getting them done. I believe that watching someone else get it done helps with the stress of getting a piercing as you are much more prepared for what is going to happen instead of going in blind and having no clue what is going to happen. 

The aftercare of the piercing was pretty simple, i cleaned the piercing twice a day with a sea salt (supplied when i was pierced) and boiled water mix. One thing that i learnt during the after care was to use a small amount of sea salt no more than a pinch as it can very quickly dry out the skin around the piercing. Alongside this when i got my ear pierced i was given a small bottle of  mixed tee tree and almond oil which i used twice a day to help keep away any infections. 

The healing of the piercing was a long process, one thing i have to say is that if you are planning to get this piercing be ready for the healing time. After being pierced my ear was incredibly painful to touch and sleep on so i suggest is getting it on the opposite side that you sleep on. Another thing i found about this piercing is that it is in a difficult place to clean which by looking at the piercing you wouldn't think. My piercing took around 6-8 months to fully heal however, i did change my bar to a ring too early meaning my healing was stunted. 

One problem i had with my piercing was keyloids. Keyloids are when a bump of skin develops on the piercing they can take quite awhile to go down and i had mine for around a month and a half. To treat my keyloids i used a mixture of salt and water to clean them morning and night and around twice a week. I mixed around a teaspoon of salt with a small amount of water to create a paste and applied it to the keyloid for around 10 minuets until it dried and then i washed it off.

Overall i love my helix piercing and i would highly recommend getting it done. However i would suggest getting it pierced with a horseshoe if possible as i have now learnt that it allows more room for swelling and makes cleaning the piercing so much easier. 

I hope that this post has helped you if you were looking into getting your helix pierced. I am also going to be getting my septum pierced soon so let me know in the comments if you would like me to document the process.

If you have any questions i didn't answer in this post  feel free to ask below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer;  i am not a professional, all things spoken about in this post i have learnt from personal experience and other people i know who have had the piercings.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My top five snapchat filters

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My top five snapchat filters
Welcome back, whisperers,

I was never really that person who was obsessed with Snap chat. However over the past few weeks I have become more and more obsessed with the app and i find myself on it everyday. 

One of the main reasons i love the app is because of the filters.As of recently snap chat seems to be adding new filters everyday for you to use and i find myself checking them everyday.  Over the past week i have fell in love with a few, some of which are still on there and some of which have now been taken off. 

The first filter i fell in love with was this one. I don't know why i loved this filter so much but i did. Every conversation I had on snap chat i had this filter on because i loved it so much. Unfortunately this filter is no longer on snap chat, but hopefully it will be returning. 

My next favourite filter is also one that is no longer on snap chat. I loved this filter because it allowed me to send selfies even when i wasn't looking my best, because lets be honest nobody has the time to do a full face of makeup just to snap chat a few selfies. 

This next filter isn't necessarily my favourite filter but i do think it's cute. I think that although snap chat is obviously aimed at teen audiences it is great fun for kids to play with the filters and having some cute fun ones is always good for kids who are on the app. 

I don't know what it is i love about this filter, whether its the tiny mouth or the abnormally large eyes but for some reason I absolutely love it.  The big eyes make you look like a doll and i think it is absolutely adorable. 

This filter is another one of my favourites, although creepy i think it's a fun filter to send to friends to make them jump. Obviously unlike the other filters this one obviously isn't the best for children but for older audiences i think it's fun. 

I think the addition of multiple filters to snap chat has improved the app greatly for me and i am definitely going to be using it more often. Alongside the new picture filters that the app has added it has also added a range of video filters to the app which allow you to speed up as well as slow down your video and also play it in rewind which i think is great when combined with the moving filters.

I hope you enjoyed this post on my top five snap chat filters. 

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer: All children should be in the company of an adult when using this app due to jump scares which may cause shock to younger audiences thank you. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Story time - She's going to steal your skin and steal all your friends

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Story time - She's going to steal your skin and steal all your friends

Hey whisperers,

Fours years ago i met my best friend (well one of them anyways). Over the past few years we have been through so much together, arguments, drunken moments, laughs and so much more and i honestly don't know what i would do without her. So many things happened that could have tore us apart but they never, they only brought us closer and so this post is dedicated to my best friend.

I didn't really know what to write about my best friend and then i remembered the one phrase that neither of us will ever forget, one we still joke about today.

"She's going to steal your skin and steal all your friends"

Sounds like something from a horror film right? but nope those were the words from a fifteen year old girls mouth as i started to get closer with my best friend. I don't think I will ever forget the moment that Hannah said it to me, i was so shocked but i just laughed. I was so confused but at the time i was so close with Hannah and never expected her to say anything like that about Brit. I had honestly never heard something so strange, back then i was the kind of person who wanted to fit in a and keep my friends but looking back now I wish i would have made more of an effort to stand up for Brit because now she's here and Hannah is long gone and has been for a long time.

So the closer me and my best friend got the more Hannah would say it as if to remind me of it she never just said it to me she said it to other people too which was even more strange. Me and Brit have had our fair share of fall outs and arguments but we always made up something some people didn't agree with or understand.

Now don't get me wrong our friendship isn't perfect, nobodies is but i don't know what i would do without her. We used to argue a lot, our personalities definitely clash but i don't think I've ever met a more supportive person.

I don't quite know how we became best friends, the world works in mysterious ways i guess but i am so glad that she stuck around through all my ups and downs.  She is an amazing friend and mother and i am so proud of how far she has come since i have known her and i can't wait to see what the future holds for us. And so I just thought i would write this little post to tell you about the time i got told my friend was going to steal my skin and steal my friends.

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

Dislaimer- This story is not written to bring victimize anybody and all names of the people involved in this story have been changed for privacy reasons, the story is just something funny that happened in the past. Please do not ask for real names as i will not tell you and you will be blocked. Thank you. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Let it out.

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Let it out.

Hey whisperers,

Having so much to say and having nobody to say it too sucks. Over the past year i have been using an app i came across on Instagram and it has helped me and so many of my friends so much. Being a teenager you don't always want to say how you feel to your friends no matter how much you love them and trust them. One thing I've learned is that deep down even though we may not want to admit it we all seek approval.

The app I've been using is Vent. Late last June i was scrolling through my Instagram, looking at a guy i liked old Instagram pictures (we all know we do it so no judging :P ) when i accidentally clicked the search button and saw the app on the popular page.

The app is basically an app where you can either anonymously or publicly 'vent' about anything you wish. There are a variety of feelings you can choose from such as, amused, caring, jealous, ashamed, confused and confident. Each feeling has a corresponding colour which in turn makes the app bright and easy to navigate.

I know that this post pretty much seems like I'm promoting the app but in all honesty i just truly love it and want other people to have the opportunity to get whatever they are going to off their chests. I have used the app constantly letting out my feelings and thoughts when I'm hurt, happy, sad it has been such a help to let it out, instead of holding it all in like i used to.

Another great thing about the app is that you can follow and gain followers. Alike Instagram and other popular social networking sites you can private and un-private  your profile. Mine is public and i am so glad that i made it that way as through using the site i have made so many friends and spoken to so many people. Each time you vent people can comment on it and i have honestly never felt so supported before! When I'm feeling down theirs always someone else who has been through the same thing or something similar.

It helps you to realize you aren't alone. Don't let your feelings stop you from being you, don't let them hold you back. 

Something that many people think that they are, something that i used to think i was. For so long i felt like i was the only person to feel the way i feel but I'm not there are so many people out there who feel exactly the same and using Vent helped me realize that.

So while i sit here in the dark, listening to the rain and scrolling down my vent i thought i would let you know about the app that helped me become a happier person.  The link at the bottom of  this post will take you straight to the App Store and Google Play store for Vent, i hope you give it a look and let all your thoughts and feelings of your chest.

Join Vent Now

Thanks for reading,
Sophie xoxo

More information- Vent Blog

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Don't grow up it's a trap.

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Don't grow up it's a trap.

Hey whisperers,

It's been so long since i felt like i had someone to talk to. It's so strange to think that just this time last year i was happy, getting acceptances from universities, booking my accommodation with my best friend and hanging out with my friends on the daily. It's amazing what a year can do to your life.

I never thought i would be the person who never went to university out of my group of friends, but here i am January 7th 2016, sat in my bedroom writing a blog post while my friends are scattered around the country. I guess i envy them in some ways, they had the courage to leave this second rate city we live in, the city I'm still stuck in, They had the courage to move to places they'd never even been too. But me, no i chose to stay, to get a job where i work for a wage that wouldn't even cover rent if i chose to leave home. I guess it's sad really that I'm the only one left.  I never thought I would be working 16 hours a week and staying in bed till 11 am each morning while yet still struggling to find time to get things done.

I never imagined growing up would be this hard.

As a kid we all wish to grow up, to be the people we see in magazines and on TV but life isn't like it is in the movies. You don't fall in love with the cute guy you meet at work and end up happily ever after, you don't magically get a job because of your amazing talents you have to work for it.

They don't teach you about life in school. Algebra, Pythagoras theorem, chemical compounds, just some of the things i have never used since learning them. I never thought i would miss school when i was younger but looking back now i do, to use the very overused quote of parents " school was some of the best days of my life".

Life throws you curve balls and you have to learn how to deal with them and i guess that is what this blog is about. Learning how to deal with the curve balls life throws at you and having fun along the way

Thank you for reading,
Sophie xoxo